What is a skilled nominated work visa (Subclass 190)?

A skilled nominated work visa is a permanent work visa that allows you to work and live in Australia. Those eligible for a subclass 190 visa may include foreign-national skilled workers who are on Australia鈥檚 skilled occupation list. However, to acquire this type of skilled visa, you will be required to complete a skill test and get a nomination by a state or territory government.

A skilled Nominated visa comes with benefits, not only to you but also to your family. More of the benefits may include:

路 Working and live in Australia

路 Opportunity to study in Australia

路 You get to enroll in medicare, a healthcare program run by the Australian government

路 Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship

路 Help relatives get a permanent residence

路 Freedom to travel in and out of Australia

How can I apply for a skilled nominated work visa (subclass 190)?

Below are the steps to follow when applying for a skilled nominated work visa:

  • Check if your occupation is on the skilled occupation list.

This type of visa is limited to people who can only fill a position on the occupation list.

  • Ensure you meet all the required qualifications. Some of which include;

路 You should be below the age of 50 years.

路 You should have good English skills.

路 You should have met all health requirements.

路 You should be of good character

路 You should be free from Australian government debts

路 You should be willing to voluntarily sign the Australian value assignment.

Complete a skills assessment

To qualify for a subclass 190 visa, you must complete a skill test assessment and obtain an acceptable score. Your score must be that specified on your invitation letter. Additional information on how to get a fair skills assessment can be found on the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website.

Submit an expression of interest through skill select

The skill select program will question you on matters regarding your backgrounds, skills, and your previous work history.

Get a government nomination

State and territory government gets to nominate the skilled nominated work visa recipients. Government authorities looking for prospective workers, fitting your skillset will get to choose after submitting your EOI. If nominated by the government, a letter of invitation to apply for the 190 visas will be on its way.

Application for the skilled Nominated work visa (Subclass 190)

After successfully getting a nomination and finding an employer, you are now eligible to apply for the 190 visas. You can do this via their online means DHA. You will also be required to attach the listed document with your application.

Wait for response

Getting a response on your application from the DHA could take several months. For instance, in 2016, it took 3 months for the 190 visas to get processed.

Receiving Visa and Commencing work

After your application is approved you will receive your visa and immediately commence working in Australia.

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