What Is A Roger Pen and How Can It Help You Hear Better? 

Many people have a tough time listening to the conversation in the presence of background noise. However, it can be even more challenging for hearing-impaired people. The major issue they face is difficulty understanding speech in a noisy environment. Although there are many hearing aids available with special settings that reduce the amount of background noise, this problem can persist. This is where a roger pen comes into play.

Roger pen is a kind of hearing aid that comes with microphones in devices. These aids also have external earphones called companion or remote microphones attached, which help people with hearing impairment listen more clearly. 

Let us learn more about the Roger pen and its benefits.

What Is A Hearing Aid Microphone?

A Microphone for hearing impaired is a wireless, small accessory to work alongside your hearing aid. The primary role of these microphones is to bring needed sounds, such as a person’s voice, directly to the ears. It makes listening to voices easier in noisy settings allowing people to enjoy the conversation. 

How Does Remote Hearing Aid Microphone Work?

Modern remote microphones can connect to hearing aids wirelessly. Some of these microphones use a magnet, but most of the latest hearing aids connect with the help of Bluetooth.

Once connected, the user’s hand will put the microphone closer to the person they want to hear. The speaker will clip the microphone onto their clothes and speak normally as they would. The microphone picks up their voice and sends it directly to the hearing aids.

The majority of hearing aid manufacturers provide microphones that are paired with their devices. A universal companion microphone can also connect to any hearing aid. Some can also do both. For instance, some hearing aids can connect to universal telecoils and companion microphones.

Benefits Of Using Roger Pen

Using a Roger pen is useful, especially in cases where a lot of background noises are there. Following are some primary reasons for using a remote hearing aid microphone.

  • Hear Better In Educational Settings

Large classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls provide non-efficient listening situations since they are noisy and there is a great distance between students and the speaker. Using a microphone for impaired hearing in classes can enhance the ability to hear and absorb information more effectively.

  • To Perform Better in Meetings

Adults with hearing impairment usually report great difficulty hearing properly in meetings. The seating arrangement, size, room, or large group affects the noise levels and makes it challenging to follow the conversations.

A remote microphone is highly helpful in these situations. If only one person is speaking, you can ask that person to speak directly into the microphone. You can also use it in the boardroom meeting by putting the microphone at the center of the table. It will make it easier for you to follow and engage in the conversation.

  • Hear Better In Social Gatherings

Social gatherings, like events or parties, generally have a lot of background noise. For those with bad hearing, these situations can be nerve-wracking, and they choose to avoid such situations entirely. However, using a Microphone for hearing impaired can reduce the stress of conversing in these settings.

  • Enhance Sound Quality

In many cases, a remote microphone allows you to get the most out of the hearing aid. It enhances the sound quality and allows the wearer to cope with various listening environments.


Usual hearing aids are limited in how they can help you with background noise. This is where roger pen comes into play, which allows people with bad hearing to get the most out of situations where hearing is needed. Read more..