What Is a Knockdown Rebuild?

A growing segment of the homebuilding space is the use of a knockdown approach to the creation of a new home. Demolition is a key feature in any construction site, but with the knockdown approach, it takes center stage. Learning how you can leverage a rebuild opportunity for you and your family can transform the way you think about the property market. For those on the hunt for their perfect home and seemingly getting nowhere fast, this might be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

A knockdown rebuild is simply the approach to building a new home that selects land based on its utility rather than the structure that already exists there. Many homeowners are looking for a property that conforms to a very tight set of restrictions and needs. Everything from the slope of the land to the orientation of the bedrooms inside the home can make or break a fantastic property. Sadly, finding a pre-built home or parcel of vacant land that can accommodate these needs perfectly can seem like an impossible task. This is where the rebuild process comes into play.

Knockdown rebuilds start with land requirements.


Any homebuying opportunity must begin with a survey of the land. The location of your new property is the only thing that you can’t change about it. Approval for virtually any other renovation work can be sought out and likely granted, but moving the house from one space to another simply isn’t a feasible option. For this reason, homebuyers (even first-time homebuyers) have begun to rethink the ways in which they search for properties. Selecting homes based on location suitability is a great way to filter out spaces that won’t meet this core need. Even if a home presents the perfect layout, if it isn’t located in the town or area that you require, it won’t meet the standard that you are looking for.

Of course, there is a give and take within the home search, and sometimes, a unique asset in the property will win out over other considerations, but when it comes to location this is rarely the case. A knockdown rebuild gives you and your family the option to search through properties for your builder to construct a new home on that aren’t limited to empty lots or properties with half-constructed homes that will require demolition as well. Truly, any property can be rebuilt with a new floor plan in mind.

Knockdown opportunities often come at a market bargain.


For many homebuyers, purchasing a home for the land that it sits on can actually come at a great bargain. Many homes that fit this mold are aging or going through foreclosure. This means that the selling price is often reduced to a bare minimum so that the owner or bank can cut their losses and move on from the property. These types of homes are a great purchase for anyone thinking of knocking down the existing structure because you’ll essentially be paying for the land rather than the space and the premium asset that sits on it.

Searching through foreclosure listings can help you gain the perfect location for your new home build. Removing an old home from a wide lot or a great hillside space can open up a world of possibilities for you and your family. Likewise, partnering with a fantastic construction firm is the best way to ensure that the new structure that you intend to create on the space fulfills your floor plan and other layout needs while meeting building standards and safety codes at the same time.

Consider this avenue for building a new home in order to get the best overall value alongside a customized property that fits all your needs.


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.