What Is a Human Resource Information System?

Think of a Human Resource Information System (sometimes called an HRIS) like a massive data collection tool. There are lots of different variations of human resource information system tools, but all of them serve the same general purpose: collecting, analyzing, and implementing data concerning a company and its employees.

The system allows you to keep track of all the employee information, including their personal details, addresses, skills, experience and much more. You can also use the HRIS to keep track of your recruitment process – from advertisements to interviews and offer letters.

The HRIS is also used for performance management, including evaluating employees’ performance throughout the year and providing feedback. You can even create custom reports based on different parameters like salary trends or attrition rate in different departments.

The HRIS is an important tool for managing your company’s data. It allows you to store all your employee records in one place and makes it easier for users in different departments to access them at any time.

It’s crucial to keep this data organized, so your human resources – your employees – are managed in the best way possible. While your company might have millions of dollars invested in other aspects of running the business, ultimately what determines success or failure are the people you choose to work with. So, in that sense, having a human resource information system that you know how to use and is meeting all your needs is one of the most important data analysis tools you can have as a company as a whole. Usually, human resource information system tasks are performed by the human resources department of a company or by an external, outsourced HR solution. Regardless, it’s crucial that your human resource management system is implemented by professionals who know how to use the data they collect to make your company better.

The human resource information system you choose matters because each business will manage their human resources management tasks differently. HRM, or human resources management, pertains to everything from recruiting new hires to managing performance, facilitating learning and development through trainings, and tracking disciplinary measures.

Human resource information systems can also be known as human resource information system software, which can confuse individuals who aren’t really sure what a human resource information system truly is. These individuals might believe that a human resource information system is its own software, but usually, the human resource information system you choose runs on your company’s technical infrastructure or hosts itself in the cloud, allowing for easily updated information.

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