What is a gryphon trap lords mobile?

IGG’s Lords Mobile is a strategy game. One of the game’s major goals is to provide a lot of things to do. The question immediately arises: what do you do when you first start out and when the lesson is finished?!! It’s not like you want to simply jump right in and get smashed!! As a new/beginner player, your primary goal is to get experience as fast as possible. The most effective method to achieve this is to keep yourself as busy as possible.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, as you know. But, for a difference, Gaming Dost is going to provide you a tutorial that will teach you all you need to know about Gryphon trapping like a god. Gaming Dost is going to present you with a case. What type of trapping has shown to be the most effective and causes the most harm of any I’ve discovered? A gryphon’s nest

How does it function in Practice?

So, the main concept behind this trap is to get the majority of gamers to subscribe to one’s RSS feed. To begin, you must relocate your Turf to a location between the river and the nearest port. Your whole force should be assembling.

You’ll need 400,000 T4 to complete the task. For cavalry, 300k+ in T2 is a lot of money. All three types – infantry, cavalry, and rangers – are represented. Gear? Cavalry uniforms. Concentrate on cavalry ATK. Talented people must also pay attention to this. For research, the basic minimum is to get them as near to level 10 as possible. I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING BELOW a score of 8 on all three ATTACK researches in the military tree. The more effective your castle level, research, and gear are, the better.

Begin by obtaining information. Concentrate on increasing your resource count by assaulting next players of lower quality; nevertheless, avoid being caught without anti-scout or being rallied. If this happens, you’ll probably need to get rid of the resources quickly, so create a backup account. Transfer the resources to your other account, whether it’s a buddy (who you can trust) or a guildmate nearby (who you can plainly trust). Only in the event of an emergency. With as little as 200M of any resource, you may start trapping. The more resources you have, say 1 billion, the more players you can capture at once.

What should happen now is that you find yourself on an island with no war gear, no anti-scout, no troops in the castle, and a lot of resources. It’s time to press the OH. percent! percent button, since you’ll be using Lords Mobile to rapidly access the scenario if you haven’t already. Check your reports and the marches that are being sent your way. Are they T2 or T3? Let’s see what happens. Is it a T4? Now is the time to ablaze them. Are troops on their way? Random. Do not squander any time here, and choose anything random as soon as possible.

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