What is a Gazette Name Change?

The gazette, issued through the Government of India, serves as an official record of different announcements, such as name changes. If you announce your intention to change names on the newspaper, it allows you to gain more recognition and can establish a legal document to prove you have changed your identity.

When Does a Gazette Name Change Become Necessary for Spelling Errors?

Inconsistencies with your name on various documents, like documents like your Aadhaar certificate, passport or academic certificates, could cause problems. To avoid any hassles it is recommended to correct spelling mistakes with notices in a gazette, especially in the event that:

The mistake significantly alters the pronunciation of your name or its meaning.

The issue persists across several important documents.

You may encounter difficulties when using services from the government or in pursuing legal proceedings.

Navigating the Process:

Gather Documentation: Take your identity evidence (Aadhaar card PAN card, ID card or PAN card, etc. ) Address proof (utility bills and voter ID) as well as a passport-sized image as well as the application form (available on the internet or at the gazette’s booking office).

Draft an Affidavit: This signed declaration, notarized by a magistrate, reveals that you intend of changing your address because of an error in spelling and confirms that you have the correct spelling.

Print in a newspaper Make an announcement about your name in local newspapers to increase recognition.

Gazette Booking Office and Fees:

Go to the gazette booking office within your state or use online portals such as to streamline the procedure. Prices vary according to the state of publication and type.


Seek advice from a lawyer in the event of a complex error or has legal implications.

Keep copies of all documents submitted to be used for future reference.

Update your contact information with appropriate authorities following the gazette’s publication.

The following points should be taken into consideration

Identifying the Error

The first step to correct the spelling mistake within the Gazette is to find the mistake and collect evidence to prove that your spelling is correct. The evidence could be documents like birth certificates or passports and other government record that show your name correct in spelling.

Contacting the Authorities

After you have collected all the evidence required then you must reach out to the appropriate authorities who publish announcements on the Gazette. It could be a government department or agency that is responsible for handling name changes.

Submitting an Application

In the majority of cases you’ll need to fill out an application to correct the spelling mistake within your own name. The application could need you to submit information including the full title of your name incorrect spelling and the correct spelling along with supporting documents to prove that you have the correct spelling of your name.

Publishing the Correction

When you submit your application after receiving your application, the authorities will examine the application and, if they approve the application, they will publish a notice on the Gazette acknowledging the correction to the spelling mistake on your personal name. The notice is an proof of your correction, and also ensures the accuracy of your identity recorded in official public records.

Legal Implications

After the correction has been published in the Gazette Your name will be considered to have been corrected according to the law. This means that you will be able to utilize the correct form of your name in any official document and transaction without worry of confusion or legal consequences.


If you are aware of the gazette name change process and adhering to the procedure, you’ll be able to restore your accurate spelling and avoid the hassles caused by spelling mistakes in documents. Keep in mind that a valid name isn’t only a matter of convenience. It’s also a matter of ensuring that your authentic self is acknowledged and valued.

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