What Is a Drip Tank Atomizer?

E-cigarettes or Vapes is an easy way out for those who want to quit smoking. You can intake nicotine in a trendy way and avoid the health risks associated with smoking. There are plenty of devices that you can use depending on your needs. All these devices have their own unique qualities and features. Clearomizers, cartomizers and atomizers have a loyal fan base. You can buy a vaping device from online UK Vape Shops.

In recent years, demand for Drip tank atomizers has increased. But only a few know what an atomizer is or the meaning of dripping. In this article, we are going to enlighten you about these concepts

What Is Dripping?

If you are a vaper, you may have heard about dripping. You may want to know what it is before trying it out. Dripping a vaping form which doesn’t involve filling up the vape tank. Instead, e-liquid is dripped directly in a small amount onto the coil. Some vapers also use RDA atomizer to enjoy a relaxed dripping.

Drip Tank Atomizer

If you are a little familiar with dripping, you may also know about drip tank atomizers. RDA atomizer is a more commonly used term among the vaping community. RDA is an abbreviation for ‘Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer’ which can offer a great experience.

Why Vapers Prefer Drip Tank Atomoziers?

Dripping with RDA is more popular among vaping enthusiasts. A drip tank atomizer provides an opportunity to taste alternate flavors. They don’t have to switch tanks repeatedly during vaping. You can cherish different tastes in one sitting and won’t need any extra kit.

A drip tank atomizer is cost-effective and relatively easy to use. You can taste the desired flavors by dripping them onto the atomizer. Plus, you can enjoy denser vape clouds by using an RDA atomizer.

Benefits of RDA atomizer

Frankly, using an RDA atomizer cannot streamline your vaping experience. However, this can offer your experience more rewarding and joyful. You can directly drip e-liquids on exposed coil and wicks. Wicks are usually made of cotton, ekowool or silica. These are the components that create sufficiently satisfying clouds. But you have to add the juices after every 9-11 puffs.

Who Should Use an RDA Atomizer?

The RDA atomizer is for those who are true hobbyist and can get technical. You can try several coils that build with various effects. However, you will need some time to enjoy dripping as it requires a lot of tinkering. In addition to that, you also need a nice surface to get started.

With practice, a vaper can develop perfect sub ohming balance. You must take a look at the necessary checklist in case you are new at dripping. Vapers can also follow a step by step guide or tutorial video before using a drip tank atomizer.

Final Words

As you start dripping, you have to put a little extra effort. This is a practice that you cannot do anywhere. Dripping with a tank atomizer takes time and patience. You have to drip juices on your coil after 9 to 11 puffs which you may found upsetting. That’s why you must do dripping when you are in a friendly place. Don’t try it if you are moving or your hands are occupied with another task.