What is a Computer? | Why do you need a computer?

A computer is any tangible electronic device that can be programmed to do specific tasks.

The best way I could think of in order not only define but also explain what a Computer actually are; It’s basically just an electric machine with silicon chips and some other parts inside it!

The best way I can think of to define one, would be by giving examples. A desktop or laptop are both devices that have processors and hard drives where you store information on them so it doesn’t get lost – but each device has its own unique features depending on how much money was spent when purchasing their hardware aspects at the beginning process!

Types of Computers

There are many types of computers, including desktops and laptops. A desktop computer is generally larger than it’s portable sibling because they have additional hardware for processing power that doesn’t need to be moved around or taken with you when not in use – this makes them heavier too! Laptops on the other hand can either act as your sole means by which all work gets done (such Mice) clicking away at correspondence; however often times come equipped with an IPad style tablet screen so typing up papers becomes easier said than done since there isn’t enough room inside one device alone without having both keyboard hooked up alongside whatever else needs doing simultaneously like downloading files across multiple networks simultaneously etc.

Why do I need a computer?

One of the best ways to improve your life is with technology. A computer can help you get things done, stay on top of deadlines and be more productive in general! What are some reasons why someone might choose not have one? I’m glad you asked– here’s my list: 

  1. Not interested or unable enough time for learning how/paying fees – If cost isn’t an issue then by all means go ahead but just know what kind it will take before purchasing which unfortunately may limit certain opportunities based off budget constraints; 
  2. Don’t need/want something new right away because maybe later down road once finances allow again etc., also prefer saving up instead of spending

Well firstly they’re super convenient-you just plug them into electricity whenever necessary instead of running out every day from trying set up new gadgets each time we go somewhere new as humans tend be prone doing lately (self-blaming). Secondly once everything has been synced via Bluetooth connection. Also Read: Little Alchemy cheats 2

How much does it cost to buy a computer?

Buying a computer is not as expensive and complicated of an endeavor when you think about it in terms of what’s actually involved. There are two basic types: laptops, which often cost less than $500 but may be heavier or feature extra features like cushioned keyboards; desk models that start at around $150 for something simple enough to use every day at work without much sophistication required (think black-and-white screen).