What Is A Carrier Lookup Service?

Mobile number portability allows customers to keep their usual combination when changing operators. This task is simple for ordinary users, but quite difficult for companies communicating with potential customers.

Organizations that need to keep in touch with users via SMS messages or calls must be sure that phone numbers in their database are up to date. If their customer has left a wrong number, changed the operator, or is in roaming, your marketing campaign directed to this person becomes useless.

Using lookup mobile number is intended for network ID detection and verification of mobile numbers. In this way, the company will be sure that the user is online and will receive the message addressed to him.

If you choose to look up cell phone carrier by number, it allows you to determine the original network to which the user belonged, as well as find out if it has been changed. If necessary, you will get information about the new network. The platform for mobile MNP status determination has a simple interface that makes it easy to find the right client and network.

How Does HLR Work?

When you send a request to find a network operator, you will get the answer in digital form. The received code consists of digits that help to identify a specific operator. If you need AT&T operator details, look at the phone numbers containing 31002. Once the link ID is identified, you will get the data with a text message to help complete the delivery.

There are laws that govern text message marketing. Defining an operator is also important because many of them can restrict the sending of bulk notifications to customers. In order for messages to be delivered to users, you need to follow the rules set by the network operator. 

Summing up, we can say that using portability of mobile numbers allows you to find out the identifier of the current mobile operator, without which it’s impossible to send messages via platforms for SMS marketing. Therefore, finding valid phone numbers is very important.

Defining mobile number portability status is necessary in order to:

  • not waste resources on sending notifications to inactive clients;
  • determine the current location of the user;
  • set the time of your client’s activity and not send messages at night;
  • know which clients are roaming.

You can determine where each mobile number from your database belongs. If at least one user has changed the number, your newsletter will lose its meaning. You won’t get the desired feedback from a customer who did not receive your message due to an incorrect contact number. Users won’t notify every company where they once indicated their number about changing their mobile operator. Your task is to track changes in time and use them to create an effective marketing campaign.

Identifying the operator of the cellular network correctly allows you to use the correct customer number for your newsletter. You can get our software if you follow the link https://bsg.world/products/mnp-lookup/, it allows you to quickly determine if the mobile numbers in your customer base are relevant and create a high-quality advertising campaign.



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