What is a better sleep aid than Zopiclone?

We all know the name Zopiclone buy online, and some have used it. But It is an ancient drug. It has been used effectively in insomnia treatment since 1980. Earlier, people used benzodiazepines to treat insomnia. But it creates intense addiction and dependence. So Zopiclone is created as a safer alternative to benzodiazepines. Zopiclone is available in brand names such as “Z Drugs,” Zolpidem, Jelplan, etc. Zopiclone is the first to create with some chemical benzodiazepines. Later his structure is separated.

It is a first-acting drug. It starts working much faster than other drugs and is eliminated from the body as quickly as possible. Its normal half-life is 5 hours (from 3.5 to 6.5 hours), slightly longer in adults, about 7 hours.

This drug is licensed in the UK. But it has some limitations in this country. Here, the adult dose is prescribed, 7.5 mg tablets before going to bed and 3.75 mg for older people. However, doctors can increase the dose for elderly people up to 7.5 mg if needed. It is suggested by the expert never to use Zopiclone 10mg long term because it has some chemicals like Zopiclone buy Uk. But, there is no proof that it affects the capacity of sleep-promoting. Also, short-term use limits the risk of dependency.

Another reason for short-term use is that the drug loses its effectiveness after some days. After that, it can create dependency. 

Zopiclone can affect sleep:

Our sleep throughout the night is regulated by sleep cycles, which repeat several times at least four times. Each sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes, referred to as N1, N2, N3, and REM which is rapid eye movement sleep.

When we first fall asleep, we enter N1, then gradually enter N2, N3, and REM, when we enter rapid eye movement sleep. After completing the cycle, we again enter N1. 

Zopiclone decreases the duration of REM sleep by prolonging the N2 and N3 stages of sleep. Studies also show that this medicine reduces the amount of N1 sleep and deepens N2 and N3.

Different studies have shown that the results of taking Zopiclone are variable. So it is obvious that this medicine affects all stages of sleep in your brain.

Some benefits of Zopiclone

  • Zopiclone was developed in 1980 as a secure alternative to benzodiazepines.
  • It should be used in long-term treatment; try to take it in short-term treatment for up to 4 weeks to prevent insomnia.
  • A hangover may occur after taking this medicine, especially if it is taken with alcohol or other drugs, as the next day, you may have trouble driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • The medicine cannot give you a long-term solution to treat insomnia or other sleeping disorder. It only offers excellent relief in short-term treatment.

The side effects of taking Zopiclone

This medicine has some side effects, but it is very rare. According to the study side effects may find in about 10% of users instead of having a bitter metallic taste. 

Some common side effects of Zopiclone include:

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • asthenia (abnormal physical weakness)
  • lack of energy
  • increased sweating
  • headaches
  • sedation
  • somnolence 
  • Tiredness.

A study conducted on some adult Zopiclone users, who took a regular 7.5 mg dose, showed that they passed psychomotor performance tests very easily and quickly. No drug effect was observed in them.

But in some studies with this medicine, performance impairment is seen. This medicine can also be taken by the elderly. However, it has the potential to impair both balance and memory function. 

The withdrawal symptoms associated with Zopiclone

Some studies have shown that Zopiclone does not have a significant withdrawal effect on sleep. Again no withdrawal effects, especially anxiety, and vertigo, were noted on abrupt discontinuation. According to the research, headaches, anxiety, or agitation are common withdrawal effects. But its number is significantly less, only 0.05%. Almost all sleep medications have withdrawal symptoms. But Zopiclone has much less than other sleeping pills. 

Although withdrawal symptoms are not familiar with Zopiclone, stopping it suddenly causes some problems, such as

  • sleeping problems at night
  • causing anxiety and depression
  • create confusion and agitation
  • muscle aches and body pains.

Doctors usually suggest that the drug be stopped gradually rather than suddenly. By doing this, you can quickly reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms. So if you think of stopping the medicine, then discuss it with the doctor and follow his guideline.

Zopiclone can create addiction or not

If you take Zopiclone regularly for a long time, it can develop tolerance or dependence, which almost all drugs do. At this time, the drug loses its effectiveness and requires higher doses of the drug. It is the reason that the drug is used as a short-term treatment option for treating insomnia.

Any sleeping tablet is usually dependent or addictive. However, various reports have stated that Zopiclone is less addictive. But if the drug is taken more than the prescribed dose, it will typically become addictive. It is strictly suggested not to be taken with drugs or alcohol, as it has a history of abuse. 

Many times it is seen that dependence or addiction can lead to depression. You should keep an eye on it. So while it is evident that Zopiclone can lead to addiction, it is considered safe to use as a short-term treatment, as prescribed by a doctor.

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