What iPad should you buy if you are a student?

If you’re a high school or college student, you may be sick of taking notes by hand in class. The solution is to get a light and powerful tablet like Apple iPads. But which iPad is better for studying?

Student life is very hard: in addition to trying to maintain a social life with your friends from high school or university, you will have to find time to study. And what better than to have the help of technology.

One of the most practical devices for studying is a tablet. In this article, we will analyze why you need an iPad if you want to get the best grades, and we will also advise you which model is the best for you.

The iPad will allow you to attend online classes, take notes, review on public transport on an exam day, do group work in the library or simply take a break from studying at home by watching your favorite series on Netflix. Further, A powerful internet make your iPad or Tablet speed Fast. So you need to purchase an A network WIfi to Maintain internet speed. Unlock jazz 4G Device is one of the best Wifi.

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The best iPad for students

10.2 ”iPad (2020) – The Bargain

  • RRP: $ 329

Chances are, if you’re a student, you’re looking for a bargain. And in this sense, we would recommend the 10.2 ”iPad , especially since it is included in the student discount offered by Apple.

It is the cheapest iPad in the Apple store and also the lowest quality, but that does not mean that its specifications are bad: they are simply somewhat out of date.

Thus, you will not get a screen with True Tone technology or a state-of-the-art Apple processor. The front camera also leaves something to be desired with just 1.2 MP.

But if all this does not matter to you, then you have a great opportunity to have an  Apple tablet at a good price. Otherwise, it’s  worth spending a bit more to get a superior iPad.

iPad mini (2019) – The most portable iPad

  • RRP: $ 399

Those who find the iPad Air too expensive can go for the iPad mini, a few euros cheaper. In return, yes, you will get a smaller tablet too. In fact, perhaps that is an advantage for you, such as the fact that it weighs only 300.5 g.

The price difference may make you think that the iPad mini is not as powerful as the iPad Air. This is not like this. It has the exact same specs, including the A12 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture.

The only difference is that the iPad mini is not compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. This is not to say that you cannot use a keyboard to take notes with your iPad mini, as you can connect any Bluetooth keyboard to it.


iPad Air (2020) – Thinking ahead

  • RRP: $ 579

The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch screen, weighs just 458g, and is affordable despite having excellent cameras and a very powerful processor. All of that makes it the ideal iPad for students.

It is true that Apple has updated the range and is somewhat more expensive than before (especially with respect to the new standard iPad). However, the iPad Air has some advantages, such as a screen with True Tone technology and anti-reflective film.

With the Air model, you have a large screen in a slim and light body. The rear camera (12 MP and f / 1.8 aperture) has been improved, and with the front one, you can take very high-quality selfies.


11 ”iPad Pro (2021) – The Most Powerful Option

  • RRP: From $ 799

If you are not worried about money (or someone is going to borrow it), then we advise you to consider buying the most expensive, and most powerful model: the iPad Pro.

In this case, we suggest the 11 “model, but you should know that there is also a 12.9” model. The only difference is the size of the screen (and its dimensions and weight), so it’s up to you.

It is compatible with the second generation of Apple Pencil, which gives you a lot of freedom both when working and using this tablet for entertainment.

IPad buying guide for studying

Students are very clear about what they want from a device that helps them study: it has to have useful apps to take notes, record a class or review before an exam. It also has to be lightweight, inexpensive, and compatible with a keyboard.

What else should you consider before buying an iPad to study?

1. iPad or laptop?

Perhaps one of the first questions you ask yourself is whether you should go for a laptop or a tablet. Perhaps an iPad seems like a small thing, and more if you compare it with a MacBook, which offers many more features.

The truth is that this is not entirely true, or at least you should not worry if you are going to use the iPad to study. Some iPad models can be more powerful than many MacBook’s thanks to their super-fast processors. 

Further, Do you want to transfer files from iPad to PC? You just need to install a simple transfer App for Share data iPad to PC.

You can also use the Apple tablet to use programs such as the Microsoft Office suite or equivalent, or simply download the digital version of the books you need on the tablet and carry it with you instead.
Further, You can also use iPads for Gaming like PUBG Mobile. If you are interested to buy an Apple iPads for gaming, But your budget is tight and you have android for gaming, So you can change easily iPad view in PUBG Mobile by increase the 3rd camera person view up to 80 and 90.

Certainly, this, in theory, you can also do on a MacBook, but the iPad will be much more like transporting from one place to another. The 10 hours of battery life of the iPad will be enough for a whole day of class.

If you’re worried about the hassle of typing on a touch screen, the easiest solution is to go for an iPad that’s compatible with a keyboard. Those who prefer to take notes by hand will need an iPad compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Another advantage of the iPad is that you can buy the version with mobile data and be connected to the Internet whenever you want (and as long as there is coverage). Thus, you can make a video call with your family whenever you miss them.

2. Is the iPad the best tablet to study?

If you have already decided to get a tablet to study, you may now wonder if the iPad is the best option. Certainly, there are other models from other brands much cheaper that may attract your attention.

Our opinion is that you will not regret if you bet on the iPad:

  • The App Store includes many apps specifically designed for the iPad.
  • Many of these apps are perfect for students: note-taking apps, apps to convert handwritten notes to text, apps to record audio, apps to manage your time, and so on.
  • The iPad has a long collection of accessories that will enrich the experience.
  • Apple operating systems are reliable and very practical if you have more than one apple brand product, such as an iPhone.
  • If you already have a Mac, the iPad can serve as a second monitor (option available only with macOS Catalina).

3. Are there discounts for students on iPad?

Perhaps what worries you the most about the iPad is its price. We are not going to judge you, and it is known to all that Apple products are expensive. However, it is possible to get them at a better price.

Students can take advantage of discounts offered by the Apple Store for Education. If the UNiDAYS campaign is over, you can always opt for the best deals on iPad from stores like Fnac or Amazon.