What Homemakers Should Do At Home In Order To Enhance English Speaking Skills

Being a homemaker is not easy. You have to take care of the place as well as the people living there. Every homemaker will always know every minor detail about their family members, their likes/dislikes, problems, challenges, a lot more. And in doing so, they often don’t have time to work on their linguistic and communication skills.

So, this blog here will provide you with some quick ways that can help you to improve your English speaking skills. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money on any special class or long learning hours. They are simple, straightforward, and need just a couple of minutes from your daily routine. Have a look.

One Word Per Day

The one day per word is a simple, straightforward technique that you can use to expand your vocabulary. All you have to do here is to learn one new word every day. You have to learn its pronunciation, usages, verb forms, and other minor details, which don’t need more than five minutes per day. 

The trick may not seem much, but 365 new words per year is a lot of words and can definitely make a lot of difference. And you can combine it with many other tricks for better results. 

Audio Books and Podcasts

Listening and understanding are essential parts of learning English. You can learn different words and their usage just by listening to some media in English. 

So, it’s always good to include some podcasts and audiobooks in your daily life. You can listen to them during your regular working hours. It won’t take time as you don’t have to focus completely on the media. And it can also help to familiarize you with the language. It’s good to eliminate the hesitation you experience while using English. 

Build Confidence

A person who isn’t confident will not be able to communicate in English fluently. And there is no better place to gain confidence than your own home. It’s your comfort zone, and you already know everyone in there. There’s the least chance of being made fun of. 

So, take some time from your schedule and self-talk. Just look for a mirror and start creating a conversation with yourself. You can also get some help from your family members here. For instance, you can ask them to speak with you in English instead of your local language. 

Speech Shadowing

If you can spare a couple of hours from your daily life, you can use speech shadowing to get a grasp of English. For instance, you can start watching your shows with English subtitles. Try to understand the scenes and copy the dialogue. It will be tricky at first, but soon you will become fluent, and at an account, you don’t need the subtitles to anticipate the scenes. Moreover, you will be able to copy the speech and dialogues without any problem. In short, you will develop a knack for it. 

In case you cannot dedicate hours to series or movies, you can try it with English songs. Try to sing the songs along with the artist and match their speech. The trick is good for improving speed, skill, pronunciation, and even accent. 


Being a homemaker, you are awesome just the way you are. Not many people can do things that you do daily. But that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to just home. You have to work on your communication skills and have a social life too. The tricks you read will hopefully help you in it. They can also learn by english speaking course in Hindi.