What Happens If You Are Involved in Uber Accident in Texas

Lyft and Uber are both rideshare services, which offer transportation in the form of taxis or cars. Uber is an American company, which works in around 28 countries and 300 cities. This influx of cars has led to an increase in serious accidents in Texas.

In the case where you have been injured in an Uber accident in Texas, it will be vital to consult the right Fort Worth Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible.

A good attorney will not just assess the situation. The lawyer will also guide you in matters related to Uber accidents.

Liability after the Uber Accident

If you got involved in an Uber accident while riding in an Uber car or with an Uber driver, you could wonder if the driver/company would legally be liable for the accident.

Whether the Uber driver or company will be liable depends on whether you are a passenger or driver. You may not sue an Uber for the accident until you file a suit against the driver at fault.

But if the driver at fault is an Uber driver, you may sue them and get compensation from Uber’s insurer. An Uber’s insurer can only pay for the driver’s damages if the driver got involved in an accident coverage on the auto policy.

What to Expect

As with other traffic car accident cases, the specific detail of the collision, like how it really happened, who got involved, when it happened, and the damages incurred, can affect the sum of the settlement and whether you may get a commercial insurance policy.

If an Uber company is involved in the case, you may expect a bigger payout than when the firm is not involved.

Basically, this part is not simple to go through since Uber is known for distancing itself from damaged incurred in the accident. But depending on the situation at hand, you can get the company to offer you fair compensation through a good Uber attorney in Texas.

The Average Settlement

It is unfortunate that there is no actual amount of settlement because every Uber case is different. Uber claims are usually evaluated on their merit, something that you may want. Plus, you might want to have the case resolved for what it is worth and not what the average range is.

In addition, some factors affect the settlement amount you will get, making it difficult to come up with an average range for Uber settlement amounts.

Steps to Take After Getting Involved in an Uber Accident

If you got involved in an accident with one of the Uber drivers, it would be best to get medical care for the injuries immediately.

In Texas, you should dial 911 to request emergency medical help and have police officers dispatched to the accident scene to write a report of the collision.

While in the scene, you will need to gather the necessary details. Some of the important details you might need to get are:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Witness details
  • Insurance information
  • Contact details
  • Name

Final Say!

The steps you will take after an Uber accident matters a lot. In order to hold the party at fault accountable, it is best to involve the best Uber accident attorney to guide you through.


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