What happens if police catch you driving without insurance?

Generally, when you drive your car anywhere in Canada, you should carry auto insurance. Especially when driving your vehicle, you should not take the risk of being mazed in front of a police officer if there’s an incident.

Finding you driving a car without auto insurance may take you on tour through sorts of penalties for driving without auto insurance. You don’t know every time what’s coming as the penalties or fines may vary from province to province.

So, in this writing, we will let you know what will happen if the police catch you driving without the insurance. Keep reading and learn more.

Do you need auto insurance to drive your car?

Generally speaking, different provinces have different rules and laws regarding this issue. But almost in every territory of Canada, especially in Alberta, you need to have auto insurance to drive any car. If you live in one of these territories, you should be sure to look up what are the best car insurance companies in Canada. However, in some regions, auto insurance may require to fulfill some special conditions.

You may also require proof of citizenship along with motor vehicle insurance while driving your car. Then again, missing auto insurance means stiff penalties are knocking on your door.

What would be the consequences of driving without auto insurance?

The consequences of driving without auto insurance will depend on several things. First and foremost, the location you are living in. As we know that different provinces have different traffic rules and laws. Then, the next considerable thing would be whether this is your first-time offence or repeat offence.

When police signalled you to stop your car, did you pull up your vehicle in the traffic stops? Basically, like this, several primary factors determine the consequences of driving without auto insurance.

It is not a surprise to drive a car without auto insurance and deal with penalties as a consequence. It can be fees, fines, suspension of the driving license, impounding your vehicle, or even some jail time.

What if you pull over your car without auto insurance?

Generally, intentionally or unintentionally, if you pull over your car in the traffic stop while not having auto insurance, you may need to pay some fines initially. For the first-time offence, you need to pay more or less $500.

For recurring the act, one might face stiffer penalties. That includes driving license suspension, significantly higher amount fines, etc. In some provinces or territories, the police officer can impound the vehicle immediately.

In such a situation, you need to pay the additional towing fees and other costs involved in that situation. In some territories, you also may face imprisonment for the first-time offence. But usually, the penalty like imprisonment implies when you will pull over your car for the second, third, or subsequent time.

What would happen if you got into an accident without insurance?

If you drive your car without auto insurance and get into an accident, the consequences can be very severe. First and foremost, you need to deal with some penalties by default. Some common penalties may include the suspension of your license and the impounding of a vehicle.

You may also need to file an SR-22 form in the Department of Motor Vehicles. If the accident causes any damages or injuries, you might be liable for those property damages and injuries. Moreover, if you are found guilty of that accident, you need to pay the compensation to the other driver.

Sometimes, if you are financially unable to pay the compensation to the victim, there is a risk of getting bankrupt or facing some financial distress. The average compensation can go around six figures amount.

Bottom line:

Driving without auto insurance is not a good choice. The consequences of it can be very stressful and troublesome. If you do not have any auto insurance yet, need to drive your car, consider buying a policy that will cover the regulation of the province’s traffic rules and laws.

It is advisable and necessary to have auto insurance before driving any car. A wise person wouldn’t risk any legal penalty or consequences. At least, one should consider facing it carefully. Contact an experienced lawyer to take assistance and know more about this issue. Hopefully, this writing helped you understand what will happen if police catch you driving without insurance.