What Gaming Chairs Do YouTubers and Streamers Use?

Various careers or hobbies force many people to lead a rather sedentary lifestyle. Anyone who has ever had a sitting job knows the struggle and can also appreciate a good chair as a real lifesaver. And who can know more about it than professional gamers, YouTubers and streamers?

The eSports industry is booming, and so is the gaming chair market. There are not only more and more gamers (both professionals and amateurs) looking for a comfortable piece of furniture to sit in but also employees from whole different sectors start to notice the importance of a good chair.

You can find them everywhere, both in brick-and-mortar stores (even Ikea has gaming chairs in their offer) and online (e.g., and Are you a gamer who struggles with back pains? Do you have a desk job, and you can’t even think about another hour in your current chair? Or maybe you’re simply curious if chairs of famous streamers or YouTubers are any different from yours?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Chair?

A regular office worker spends 8 hours a day sitting on average. Of course, there are obligatory breaks and walks to the kitchen or the bathroom, but it still sums up to around 7 hours spent sitting.

Professional gamers, on the other hand, practice around 8-10 hours daily on average. It includes strategy meetings, but even the scrims (practice matches) take from 6 to 10 hours from their day. So you probably understand why it’s crucial for them to have the most comfortable chairs.

Professional gaming also requires a whole set of skills from players. So they have to be comfortable not only for the sake of their bones and joints, but also their aim, precision, speed, and coordination.

What Chairs Do Gamers, YouTubers, and Streamers Use?

In the past, in most companies with regular offices, people used to sit on cheap office chairs. When eSports started to emerge, they used those as well, especially that the industry wasn’t as profitable as it can be today, and gamers preferred to spend their money on upgrading their computers.

However, they quickly realized that cheap chairs force them to sit in the same position for hours, which hurts their backs and limits their movements.

That’s why gaming chairs for professional players have special pillows and tall backrests to support healthy posture and thick padding (usually cold foam, as it’s the most resistant and durable material) for the comfort of your bottom and lower back. They are also adjustable so that you can change your position without hurting your back, ruining your posture, or limiting your movement range. Armrests are stable but adjustable to ensure that your arms are always comfortable, and you don’t risk hurting your wrists. Also, gaming chairs are often covered with breathable materials to stay cool even when the temperature (or the situation) gets hot.

According to the study of popular streamers and YouTube users, DXRacer is the brand of choice for more than a quarter of gamers. Apart from this brand, there are two more frequently chosen by gaming influencers: Herman Miller and Secretlab. Interestingly, almost a fifth of YouTubers and streamers used a chair produced by a non-gaming brand (with most popular among them being Herman Miller and Ikea). It may be surprising because Herman Miller is a luxury office chair brand that has nothing to do with gaming directly.

What Chairs Are Actually Used By Top Streamers?

  1. Clutch Chairz ‘PewdiePie Edition’ Throttle Series Gaming Chair owned by PewDiePie
  2. MARKUS Swivel chair owned by Markiplier
  3. DXRacer Sentinal Series OH/SJ08 Gaming Chair owned by Jacksepticye
  4. GT Omega EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair owned by DanTDM
  5. Maxnomic Commander S Gaming Chair owned by Tfue
  6. Maxnomic Dominator owned by Ninja
  7. Maxnomic Cloud9 Pro owned by Shroud
  8. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR Newedge Edition owned by Dr. DisRespect
  9. Maxnomic Pro-Chief owned by PokiMane
  10. Maxnomic NeedForSEAT Pro owned by Summit1G

Know Your Needs

If you plan to buy a comfortable chair, the final choice should depend on your individual needs and qualities. Only you really know what hurts you the most after hours spent in your current chair, or what are your health conditions. Whatever the choice, though, it will be a significant step to provide yourself with more comfort and less back pain. Taking an interest in how we sit, especially if we sit a lot, is something we all should do.