What factors are necessary for evaluating employee productivity in a project?

A successful project depends largely on an employee’s productivity. If the employee’s productivity is low, the team may lose its commitment and morale. A project succession requires the motivation to work efficiently from all train your employees. So it is necessary to consider factors that lead to low productivity and its adverse effects. 

How to calculate an employee’s productivity? 

Monitoring and tracking their performance are done based on special software and tools that specialists construct. Employee monitoring software helps in calculating employee productivity. It also monitors the factor which distracts the employee. 

When employees lose the potency of their job, it can affect the whole project. The external factors are:

  • Employee’s interest

Whenever an employee gets a project which fails to attract their interest, it affects their productivity extensively. If employees assume to take part in a big project but get a standard one that doesn’t match their expectations and hard work hampers their commitment and motivation of work. They may contribute somewhat less to the project. To avoid this situation, you should assign them the projects that suit their skill and capability and ensure an unbiased work atmosphere in the company. 

  • Opportunity of expression 

Employees must be encouraged to express their views on the project and accordingly give them a task that justifies their job role otherwise. Their motivation will be low as they’ll no more feel valued in your company. 

  • Complexity level in projects

In many cases, employees are assigned a project demanding a few duties that surpass their abilities. In such a case, the project becomes quite complicated. You need to assign tasks according to employees’ potency and strength. For new job roles, it is required to make them learn beforehand. Productivity will be affected if you give them complicated tasks to manage simultaneously. 

  • Fatigue

Employee productivity is greatly affected by fatigue which affects physical and mental health. Fatigued employees affected their decision-making ability and concentration. 

  • Monitoring employee’s productivity using tools

Team productivity monitoring should be comprehended by using a monitoring tool. The reason is employees often lose productivity when they become inattentive or careless. Such tools include workexaminer, which results in better productivity in disengaged employees by identifying why they squander their tasks and helps reduce malware risks. Other benefits are:

  1. The check-in and check-out board helps track both the log-in and log-out times of employees. 
  2. Workforce monitoring software helps to check the productivity of an employee.
  3. Another feature is time tracking software that checks whether an employee is wasting time on other tasks apart from their assigned duty. 

Personal problems 

The employer must determine whether any financial or personal family issue affects the employee’s performance. Reasonable assistance should be provided then.