What factors affect the Cost of Packers and Movers?

Do you know how the leading packers and movers estimate the shifting costs of the customers? Well, many people are unaware of it. Most movers in the market consider several factors before quoting their moving prices to the customers.

The cost of packers and movers increase or decrease due to multiple factors. Let’s understand them one by one: –

Size of your Moving Vehicle

The size of your vehicle contributes to your total moving costs. If you opt for a small truck, you will have to pay less to the packers and movers. And if you choose a large truck, then be ready to pay more to the movers. So, it is advisable to select your truck after analyzing your needs carefully. Make sure to declutter your goods. This way, you will only have to move important items to your new destination.


This is undoubtedly one of the main factors that the movers consider before quoting your shifting prices. If you are shifting your goods to a farther location, you’ll need more money for your move. However, if it is local shifting, then you only require a few bucks. So, the distance between your source and destination has a direct impact on the moving prices. The moving vehicles take more fuel for the longer distance and less fuel for the shorter distance.  So, you will have to keep it in mind before estimating your shifting prices.

Manpower Required

The packers and movers increase or decrease as per the requirement of manpower. If your consignment is big, the movers will need more manpower. And they will need less manpower for a small consignment. So, the number of people they hire decrease or increase your moving costs. 

Packing Cost

Another factor that determines the cost of packers and movers is the packing costs. Remember, packing services are charged additionally by the movers. They use supreme quality packing materials to pack your products. The materials they use are costly. So, these movers add the packing prices to the total costs of your move. You can cut your moving costs by packing your articles on your own. So, it is advisable to enquire about the packing service of your packers and movers beforehand. Go for the packing services only if the packing charges are within your budget.

Size of your House

Do you know that your house size also determines your moving costs? Well, yes, if your home is small, then you’ll have to pay less. And if it is big, then you’ll have to pay more. So, the cost of packers and movers for moving a 1 BHK house is less than the moving price of a 4 BHK home. So, you can estimate your home relocation charges based on your home size.

Volume of Goods

If you are moving a large number of goods to your destination, then be ready to pay more to your movers. Well, your volume of goods also contributes to your total shifting cost. The main reason behind it is that they influence other factors. Some of the factors that may change due to a large consignment are as follows: –

  • Number of laborers
  • Packing materials
  • Truck size

Shared Truck and Dedicated Truck Services

Both these services are available at different moving costs. A shared truck carries the goods of multiple customers at the same time. This is an affordable service for you. However, it provides late delivery to you.

A dedicated truck service delivers your products only. These trucks load the goods of a single customer and deliver them at the right time. However, the price of this truck service is higher than the shared truck service. So, you can opt for the truck service as per your moving needs.

Physical Effort

One of the factors that affect your shifting costs is the physical effort required for a move. You have to pay them less money for the less physical efforts and more for more physical efforts. The physical work relies on several things such as lift availability, the distance between the home to the truck, etc. If you have heavy goods, the laborers require more physical effort for them. However, you will require less physical effort for lighter items.

Local Move or Long-Distance Move

Your type of move also influences your moving price. So, if you are moving locally, you will have to pay fewer prices. However, if you are on a long-distance move, then the moving price will automatically increase. For example, if you are shifting from Delhi to Ghaziabad, then your moving price will be low. But if you are moving from Delhi to Mumbai, then you’ll have to pay high moving costs. However, there are many ways through which you can cut your moving costs.


Apart from the above factors, you may find other factors that may increase your packers and movers charges. It is easy for you to estimate your move when you are aware of these factors.

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