What Every New Mother Should Know About Prenatal Vitamins

If you are a new mom it’s highly likely that you feel exhausted from all the research you’ve been doing to prepare for your new baby. Prenatal care can feel intimidating and confusing. You might not know exactly what to do, what’s best for your baby, or are aware of all the options out there for prenatal care. Let’s make it a little easier for you by letting you in on the secret of vegan prenatal vitamins. Vegan prenatal vitamins are a fantastic way to make sure you and your baby have what they need to grow happy and healthy.

Why Vegan Prenatal Vitamins?

There are plenty of reasons why vegan prenatal vitamins are the vitamins of choice for you and your baby. The first thing to know is that algae Omega-3 is the main ingredient in vegan prenatal vitamins. What’s important about this ingredient is that predominant reason that these prenatal vitamins can be called vegan. Additionally, algae Omega-3 has 50% better absorption than the other leading oil-based vitamins, such as:

  • Fish
  • Krill
  • And other algae oils

The oils mentioned above have their benefits, sure, but with algae Omega-3’s 50% improved absorption, how could you take anything else?

Algae Omega-3 also contains a specific element called DHA. DHA is a critical ingredient in supporting healthy development for your baby. The nutrient DHA specifically helps the development of:

  • Your baby’s eyes
  • Your baby’s brain

Everyone can agree that healthy eye and brain development is essential for having a healthy baby. Prioritizing the brain development of your child is one of the greatest efforts a mom could make. As added bonuses to the nutrients found in vegan prenatal vitamins, there’s also:

  • Methyl folate
  • Vitamin D3
  • Iron
  • K2

Methyl folate and vitamin D3 are the active ingredients that contribute to your baby’s cognitive development and bone development. Iron and K2 are the active nutrients that support you, the mom, as you carry and grow your baby.

There are a few key components to dig into even further to demonstrate why vegan prenatal vitamins are so wonderful.

  • With prenatal vitamins, your bone strength is supported. That means that when you’re active, moving, and lifting what’s appropriate to lift during pregnancy, you’ll have the bone strength to do it.
  • With algae Omega-3, your baby’s eyes, brain, and even nervous system will be properly supported as it grows and develops.
  • The nutrient EPA that is found within vegan prenatal vitamins is a fatty acid that promotes healthy hearts and arteries so you can feel your best during your pregnancy.

How it’s Made

Vegan prenatal vitamins are made with several key and active ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients within vegan prenatal vitamins that support you and your baby’s health:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin B6
  • DHA
  • EPA
  • Iron

With these active ingredients, plus many more, you can have the confidence and comfortability knowing that your vegan prenatal vitamin is packed with the essential nutrients you need to support your baby’s health. And let’s not forget the mom’s health. The vitamins and nutrients within vegan prenatal vitamins are geared in keeping you supported in your health as you grow your child.

In effort to keep your prenatal vitamins vegan, there are some other key characteristics in the manufacturing process to be aware of:

  • Vegan prenatal vitamins are nonGMO
  • Vegan prenatal vitamins are gluten free
  • Vegan prenatal vitamins are cruelty free
  • Vegan prenatal vitamins contain no metals or contaminants

No matter who you are, you want to know what’s going in your body. If it’s something you had no awareness of, you’d probably be pretty upset. With vegan prenatal vitamins, you can have a complete understanding of what’s going inside of you and your baby’s body with no fear.

The Benefits

There are so many different benefits that come from vegan prenatal vitamins. Now that it’s functions and ingredients have been explained thoroughly, let’s clearly name the most essential benefits of this vitamin.

  • These prenatal vitamins are, well, vegan. That means it’s kind to animals, the earth, and your body.
  • Vegan prenatal vitamins support immunity
  • Vegan prenatal vitamins support bone health and strength
  • Vegan prenatal vitamins support pregnancy health
  • And lastly, vegan prenatal vitamins can support brain health and function

Considering all of the benefits of vegan prenatal vitamins, how could you not start taking the vitamin during your pregnancy?

Try Vegan Prenatal Vitamins Today

Now that you have all the facts and you know the benefits, it’s time to consider adding vegan prenatal vitamins to your vitamin cabinet. There are so many essential functions that these vitamins can support. Try vegan prenatal vitamins today and experience all the benefits they can bring.