What Elements to Consider While Writing High-Quality Blog Post That Goes Viral?


Blog posts that vanish into anonymity are the worst thing that can happen to a blog post writer. A post that involves a great title, average stock image, and random words will never go a long way. Just like the concept when you buy thing is – ‘you get what you pay’. It is said in terms of quality and satisfaction. In the same way, writing a good post involves more. 

Quality content needs –

  • To be useful and credible
  • Offer solutions
  • Deliver emotional response
  • Unique and clear content
  • Optimal to view even on mobile phone

The critical elements of a successful blog post are –

  • The magnetic headline that defines the synopsis of your content.
  • Write a compelling first paragraph builds the curiosity to move to the second one but never takes long to put your point.
  • Subheadings are great for readers and using keywords in them possibly helps your SEO.
  • The body needs to be interesting and informative to keep readers engaged. The topics need proper explanation and resolve the problems of readers, they came in search of.
  • Graphics are visually appealing. It breaks the text and readers spend more time on your page, which Google measures.
  • The call to action needs to be potent. It can be anything like make a comment or subscribe.
  • Internal links to relevant content on your website is great SEO. 

A good blog post has a long lifespan and you can read more on qualityguestpost.com. Your extra effort pays for itself for a long time. To create high-quality blog posts that are outstanding, then you will need to follow some tips given below. 

Tips to create a good quality blog post

Start with ‘WHY’ 

Identify the purpose of your blog – is it an informative source on niche topics or an authoritative space? After you get familiar with your blog’s main identity, then ask yourself these questions while writing the post. Is it to grow subscribers or readers or links or shares? You need to be clear about your goals and it can help you create each post rich with information. Quality is important than quality…..it is the best approach!

Know your readers 

You need to define your reader’s persona to get an idea of their interests and problems, so you can offer a solution through your posts. It is a great way to grab their attention and bond with them. People care about how you help them to make their living easy or better.

Write what you know and are interested in

You need to have qualifications and expertise in your niche to become an authoritarian writer. A financial institution offering recipe ideas or a cook giving tax advice sounds crazy. You need to cover every aspect of your niche in your posts and this will convey a message to your audience that you have answers to their pain points. With magnetic titles and engaging information in the body, you gain an edge. 

Back your statements with evidence 

Research your topic well and include studies, stats, and other information that supports it. Today, advice and claims need support from citations and links to prove its credibility.

Content quality matters!