What Does Working As A Volunteer Look Like In A PCR Test Centre

With the current state of the pandemic, we’ve seen an outpour of support from people volunteering to help. Many people have decided to help by volunteering at a PCR testing centre. For example, volunteering at a PCR test centre in Croydon. While the workers at the PCR test centres are usually skilled technicians or are doctors/nurses willing to help, there are many other ways in which you, as a volunteer, can help out.

Often for students, this is a great way of adding ‘volunteer experience’ to your CV. You can gain some new skills and knowledge, as well as offering a helpful service to the public during the pandemic.


Volunteers are often required to be between the ages of 18-65. These requirements are specifically in place to ensure that at-risk individuals, such as those shielding from covid-19, are protected from any possible exposure of the virus.

If you are a volunteer, and you start to experience any covid-like symptoms such as fever, cough, or fatigue, it is best to isolate and inform the testing centre that you are volunteering at that you are experiencing symptoms and are not able to make it. This prevents anyone who is visiting the centre from becoming infected.

Moreover, volunteers are strongly advised to wear masks and PPE (personal protective equipment) provided at the centres and always follow SOP’s (standard operating procedures).

Here are ways in which you can lend a helping hand:


As a check-in volunteer, you will be required to confirm details from patients as they arrive at the testing centre. This may include taking down information such as their appointment time, name, date of birth, and any other proof of identity. Usually, this role will involve ensuring that each patient is checked in to their allocated appointment booking slot.

Data Entry

You can also volunteer for a data entry role. This role will entail entering confirmation numbers such as booking references and patient details and other verification details into the appointment system. This aids the appointment service to run smoothly.

Door Duty

Door duty is assigned to someone who will confirm the last five digits of the verification number with the data entry station. They are also required to assign PCR kits and pass out necessary handouts and masks to patients.


Proper disposal of used testing kits in collection bins is essential for the overall health and safety of everyone present in the centre. As a disposal volunteer, you are required to follow all of the correct disposal guidelines in place thoroughly to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the testing centre.

Managing Patient Cars

As a patient car manager, you are required to ensure all guidelines are being followed when people visit a drive-through testing centre. This will include ensuring that all windows have been rolled up, holding up signs in case of traffic in the testing site, and directing cars towards the respective lanes.

Volunteers Are Still In Demand

Even with restrictions easing and free PCR tests being scrapped by the UK government in England, testing centres continue to face increased demand as more people plan their summer vacations and may still require a PCR test. Look online today to find your nearest site and volunteer a helping hand.