What Does UAE Research Say About Homework?

The Constitution’s Position on Education (HOMEWORK):

A citizen’s right to education is guaranteed by the Constitution. The UAE’s Constitution emphasizes the importance of education for the progress of society and makes education compulsory for all children at the primary level. Under the constitution, all girls and boys throughout the UAE are guaranteed free, equitable, and quality primary and secondary education. Also, it recommends setting up education and illiteracy-eradication programs by the government.

Strategies for Education in the UAE:

Through the National Strategy for Higher Education 2030, future generations will be able to acquire the technical and practical skills necessary to drive the economy both in the public and private sectors. A further goal is to create Emirati professionals who will enable the UAE’s labour market to develop in vital sectors such as knowledge, economy, and entrepreneurship. As part of its Strategic Plan 2017-2021, the Ministry of Education (MoE) aims to ensure inclusive quality education, including pre-school education, as well as to create an institutional culture of innovation.

Based on international best practices and leading education systems, the Ministry of Education’s Strategy 2010-2020 (PDF, 453 KB) prioritizes the interests of students. Through a 10-year plan, 50 initiatives were included in the strategy to transform the education system into a first-class system.

The UAE’s Education Standard is Being Raise: Find Out More.

Dubai is either loved or hated by most people. But after one secondary school banned the practice in the UK for the first time, the story has sparked a lot of debate among educators Homework: Is it really necessary? How much is too much being asked of students? Since this controversial move, virtually every question about whether homework is necessary – or not – has been raised.

There was no ban on homework at the school, just a newer approach to it, despite headlines that were every bit as sensational as the news itself. The school’s website will still encourage students to learn outside of school hours, and the most dedicated students will receive prizes,” one report said. Does the UAE have a chance of banning homework for good? The Khaleej Times polled 100 readers and found 80 percent were in favor of banning it. Three to five homework assignments are hands out every week to 81 percent of the 100 respondents. 35% of parents report that their child spends between 30 and 60 minutes on homework each night.

What is the Effectiveness of Homework?

As part of its research into homework around the world, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) produces a report in 2014/2015. Approximately five hours a week are spend doing homework by 15-year-olds worldwide. The PISA rankings for Finland and Singapore were high despite spending less time on education (two to three hours per week).

Students are not necessarily better because of theoretical work. Most importantly, it is the approach that matters.

Homework policies and practices must be develops or amends by schools. The teachers take into consideration a variety of factors when they do so, including their educational aims, their rationale for assigning homework, recent technological and educational research, the opinions and aspirations of parents and students, and the age group of their students.”

A Teacher’s Perspective:

Ranches Primary School (RPS) principal Samantha Steed said parents who choose RPS know the school has high academic expectations, but it also takes a more modern approach to University homework. A home learning policy is in place at RPS, but it is open-end and optional.” Despite the deadlines and screen time restrictions, parents support the policy.

There is a need for a ban on gratuitous homework, according to Fulton. Founders School’s principal and CEO, Matthew Bur field, agrees. Our school does not have traditional homework. We promote home learning instead.”

Bur Field Said Homework:

Is a major source of conflict between children and parents when it comes to education. Parents, teachers, and children are all involved in home learning. We make our tasks more practical-focused in order to increase engagement and reduce conflict.” Indian High School CEO Ashok Kumar agrees with Fulton, saying a blanket ban on homework makes the system rigid.

The pros and cons of every decision have to be considers, but a blanket ban, he said, is unjustifiable. It is a practice at IHS to give homework as a means of “reinforcing concepts”. Additionally, it makes the student independent so that if there are any doubts, they can raise them in class.”

An excerpt from the White Paper, ‘Excellence in Schools’, reads: “A good education cannot be achieves without homework.” It is true in most cases, but Dubai is a different story. There is no homework anymore, but there is a lot of home learning taking place.

Help with Homework:

It is assumes by teachers that students will learn and practice more so they will be prepares. For the exam but, in reality, this is not the case. The overburden of homework prevents students from engaging in other curricular activities that are vital to mental health. Keeping your mental health in good condition is just as important as keeping your physical health. And if you want to stand out among others and perform at your best in everything. Then you should also keep your mental health in good condition.


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