Have you walked past someone and noticed that cute ring hanging on their necklace? Well, most times, we’re only left to wonder what it entails; whether the person is a weirdo or it’s something with a deep meaning. 

There are several reasons why a person might prefer to wear a ring on necklace rather than on their finger, and this blog covers them all.

Reasons People wear a Ring as a Necklace

 Based on Gender


For several reasons, a woman might wear a ring as a pendant on a necklace.

For some, practicality is everything.

  • Due to occupation

Depending on your work, you may prefer to wear a chain on your neck rather than a ring. This approach could be taken by people working with harsh chemicals, wearing latex gloves, or doing manual labor.

The intention is, so they don’t harm their rings, particularly assuming the material they are produced from is delicate.

  • Due to health Concerns

A woman may wear her ring on a chain around her neck rather than the more traditional way because of health concerns.

Since arthritis is painful, it would be impossible to wear a ring in that situation. It might not be as bad for some people, but if you put on weight, a ring won’t fit anymore, so you’ll have to come up with something else.

Additionally, you should remove the ring to prevent it from becoming stuck and squeezing your finger if you are pregnant or have swollen fingers.

  • Based on sentiments

What about a ring that’s got sentimental value but won’t fit? Well, women will wear a ring on a necklace if it’s a really special jewelry.

It could be a promise ring that portrays a vow they made, a ring their mother used but no longer fits, or a gift from a close friend or family member.

It’s likewise normal to see ladies who have lost their accomplices (beaus or spouses) wear the departed ring like this.


For many of the same reasons women wear their ring necklaces, men also wear them.

Even so, some people believe that a man wearing a chain demonstrates irresponsibility or lack of seriousness in life.

This is largely an outdated concept in our day and age. Men are now more likely than ever to wear necklaces. So long they are subtle and complement their attire, this trend is generally accepted.

A lot of men don’t wear rings on their necklaces because they don’t want to lose it when doing things like picking up trash, working out at the gym, or anything else that’ll have them in their hands.

It’s also important to note that not all men enjoy wearing rings on their fingers.

As a result, they choose to have them hung from a chain as a reminder that they are without a spouse.

A widower would also wear a ring in this manner to remember their deceased partner.

If you want to attach a ring as a man, you should choose longer chains. This is because wearing it over an outfit makes it appear more sophisticated.