What Does First Extended Service Corporation Offer?

Technical problems grow more common as automobiles mature and age, and perhaps the extended warranty might help in keeping your bank balance thriving and you will have to put in less effort on maintenance and repairs. Well, if by any chance you are searching for additional car service coverage once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, Assurant’s First Extended insurance might be a suitable option.

Throughout this 2 minute read, we will tell you about the First Extended service corporation’s price, coverage, scores, and other information.

But before driving deep on the highway of warranty offers by this firm, let’s take a look at the table of contents!

First Extended Service: Highlights

Although Assurant purchased First Extended Service Corporation back around 2018, the firm’s brand lingers along through Assurant’s First Extended warranty coverage. Assurant, being the AM Top A-rated insurance provider, currently provides all solutions. Assurant is based in Chicago, Illinois, though it still offers extended service deals throughout the United States as well as Canada.

If you’re hauling for a negotiated warranty period with a very dependable insurance backing, the First Extended warranty might be perfect for you. It may be ideal for purchasing a new vehicle from a reputable seller too.

Assurant sells additional automobile service agreements solely via vehicle showrooms. In the case of something like a mechanical failure or problems in components or craftsmanship, first extended insurance packages can safeguard your money from the costs of unexpected repairs and maintenance.

Overall Rating3.0
Customer Service2.4
PriceSee dealership

First Extended Warranty Coverage

Assuming that you are new to this – you should know that there are 6 First Extended insurance possibilities available, all of which cover automobiles down to Twelve years old plus 200,000 miles on them. These really are extremely strict enrollment requirements.

The 6 First Extended warranty packages are as follows:

First Extended
Warranty Plan
Coverage Details
BaseCovers everything in the Powertrain plan, plus the steering, front and rear suspension, brakes, seals and gaskets, electrical, air conditioning,
and enhanced hybrid and EV components
ComprehensiveCovers high-tech systems, entertainment systems,
safety and security components, and more
Comprehensive WrapCovers everything in the Comprehensive plan,
plus adds coverage for powertrain components
High-TechCovers everything in the Base plan, plus high-tech components like sensors, instrument gauges, power seat motors, radiators, and more
High-Tech WrapCovers everything in the High-Tech plan, minus the powertrain components
PowertrainCovers the engine, transmission, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive,
and select hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) components

Benefits Offered by The First Extended Service Corporation

So, drifting over to the benefits, here are the perks that you will get if you opt for this service:

  • Rental car compensation: Compensates approximately about $35 bucks per day for alternate road transport whenever your vehicle will be at the mechanic for an encased maintenance period of around 5 days.
  • Roadside assistance: Towing, locking yourself out of the car, electric jump-starts, tire puncture assistance, as well as liquid, coolant, fuel, as well as gas deliveries are all covered roughly around $100 bucks for every incidence.
  • Travel interference reimbursement: Provides coverage of roughly $200 bucks a day for about 5 days in the event that your car collapses more than 100 miles from your residence. 

Deductions from the First Extended Warranty Service

First and foremost, extended warranties do not support all fixes. The following are a few exclusions from your First Extended automotive service agreement:

  • Gadgets and equipment are installed from aftermarket outlets.
  • Glass as well as light bulbs
  • Maintenance assistance on a regular basis.
  • Non-manufacturer-installed components.
  • other items which are miscellaneous
  • Things that are subject to wear or tear.

To understand the entire scope of your insurance, you should view your agreement by First Extended Service Corporation. It is an essential part of comprehending your First Extended warranty.

Estimated Cost of First Extended Warranty

Assurant doesn’t really publish the cost of the First Extended warranty on its website. For starters, extended warranty packages are only offered via car dealerships, therefore quote details are not provided over the telephone.

 You will probably need to contact your local car dealer to check whether it provides First Extended coverage as well as try to learn how much one would charge you. Extended insurance costs roughly between $600 bucks to $1,000 bucks annual coverage. It will be best to have coverage from some other aftermarket automobile insurance provider if you’ve been offered a fee that is greater than this amount.

Processes for Obtaining Quotes and Filing Claims

You will have to visit a nearby dealership that offers such plans to receive an estimate for your First Extended warranty. After you’ve found an approved outlet, you’ll be given a quotation depending on the package you pick as well as the year, usage, brand, and type of your car.

Call Assurant if you’re their existing client who needs to submit a case. You may file a claim via providing the client insurance number or automobile identifying code plus your last name by going online or by calling the company instantly.

In The End

Lastly, you should know that while there aren’t many evaluations related to Assurant’s First Extended warranty coverage, the company has a good record in the market, with an A+ score plus certification from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Yet, nearly 1,200 objections have been filed against the firm in the last 3 years, as well as people have given it a 1-star review. These scores must be considered with a pinch of skepticism since Assurant really is a huge firm that provides a wide range of insurance services, including mobile coverage up to life insurance.

Hence, in our opinion, the pros of getting a warranty from the first extended service corporation are that it provides extensive coverage alternatives guaranteed by Assurant, a top-rated business from AM Best. But, the con is that the coverage details and the service itself can only be availed from dealerships, so, we think we’ll just have to live with it… but, all in all, we do know that Assurant manages First Extended Insurance operations, plus Assurant seems to have a solid name for reliability across industry experts.

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