What does dry shampoo do? Are you using it the right way?

Are you late for your Monday meeting? Do you not have time to clean your hair? Are you just lazy? Dry shampoo will always have your back! It’s now an essential part of your wardrobe. But is it a trend, or is it a trend that will last? Dry shampoos are made up of corn or aluminum starch, which helps absorb oil. This is the cause that makes your hair oily after 2 to 3 weeks of wash. It’s as amazing as it is. There is no need to wash for beautiful and voluminous hair. Right? It’s magic, but only when used correctly! It could cause dandruff-like hair, ashy roots, and dull and dry hair if not done correctly. Therefore, here are some ways to make you a dry shampoo Ninja.

Limit the use of dry-shampoo

The hair to dry, stiff, gritty, and brittle. If you have hair that is colored, dry shampoo can reduce the process of diminishing the shade. However, excessive use can result in a residue build-up on your scalp, clogging and slowing hair growth and leading to hair breaking.

So Tip: Apply tiny amounts of dry shampoo, and apply it to the root. This will allow the product to be absorbed better.

Shake and Distribute

Before you use the spray bottle, make sure to shake your bottle. This will allow the formula to get mixed well for the best outcomes.

Continue to move

Sulo Tips Spray Bottle: Hold it at a distance of four to eight inches to your head. Don’t apply the shampoo constantly within a single section of your hair. It could clog your hair follicles. Move your head around to spread all over the hair. This will in preventing the development of white residues due to frequent use of the product.

Apply only to the greased areas of your head

Applying dry shampoo to your scalp can make the hair that is not only stiff and dry. It is recommended that you apply it only on areas of oily hair.

Solo Tips: Do not brush your hair right when you apply the hair shampoo. It should rest for a few minutes before applying it to your hair with the fingers or using a comb.

To make your hair less oily, there is dry shampoo, and for making your hair healthy and strong from the inside, it is recommended to use Sulo.