What Do You Mean By Stock Music

Stock music is commonly referred to in the same way as non-official music, library music or integrated music that is specially recorded to be licensed for mass use in other creative resources such as video.

In fact, stock music is music that is only for use in other people’s projects, or purchased by the library for that purpose and you can get it from melodyloops.com. Music you may not need to seek permission to use, or music you need to pay for a specific library to get permission. These integrated music libraries were created with you in mind. Some of them are free, like the YouTube Audio Library, although those are usually limited and standard so they are not widely used by creators.

Is stock music free?

The answer to this question is not as clear-cut as you would like it to be. It is… probably, and when it is free, it usually comes with a few drawbacks.

There are plenty of free music libraries to use, such as the YouTube audio library. They often offer a limited selection of mixed (but usually low) tracks. You will probably struggle to find something you have never heard of and you may have to choose from the lesser choices. Usually you will have to give credit again.

That is why we are always reluctant to recommend free stock music. If you choose a paid license, you will usually find a large number of tracks to choose from. Not only that, but the quality will probably be high and you will not have to give credit. The good thing here is that even though they cost money, they do not cost all that money, so even though they are not free, they will not break the bank.

Where can you use stock music?

As we have already seen, depending on where you get your music, you can only use it in certain ways in certain places.

Some libraries provide music that you can use anywhere, once you have paid for it anyway, but most offer music for specific purposes only. Some library music from other sources will only be used on the radio or TV. It depends on your needs and the source of your music.

How Can You Find Stock Music?

Stock Music is usually made available in the Red Book Audio digital format for easy processing, copying and synchronization in production.

Stock Music is available on Audio CD, either in digital format on Hard Drive or by downloading online. Stock Music from melodyloops.com offers a variety of both contemporary and contemporary genres, styles, attitudes and times – everything from classical orchestras to free royal music cartoons.

The Stock Music CD usually contains 8 to 15 songs, and each compose is provided in different versions or lengths: full length version, underscore or rhythm version, and a number of different streaming lengths.