What do you know about SHIELD CONSULTANCY

As said before, consulting is more than giving advice; SHIELD CONSULTANCY is one of the pioneer companies in Egypt that can provide you a set of solutions and advices to move up your business. SHIELD CONSULTQNCY is a group of researchers and experts specialized in information technology, communication, audio, audio, video security and anti-piracy, work all together to provide you a variety business consulting services and information technology services also Digital Anti Piracy services, it offers development services and incorporated set of solutions for scientific agencies, industrial establishment, service sector, and major trading companies.



SHIELD CONSULTANCY is active at the international level through its co-working with other Arab companies working in the same field. SHIELD CONSULTANCY   is making every efforts to provide its customers development services and integrated solutions together with keeping up organizations and major establishment with the technological growth and evolution, bring up to date its products.


SHIELD CONSULTING is for mission providing a realistic feasible advices and recommendations to help its clients make their best decisions for their prosperous growth of business.



SHIELD CONSULTING is providing the most tremendous services cross Egypt as one of the leading gate in training, brand managing and consulting towards management consulting and operation management, such great scope and vision attract potential clients in the country, most of clients are in many industry and in many clusters, which reflects the importance of diversification of services and segments SHIELD CONSULTING provides. As well as providing expertise in a specific market, identifying problems, supplementing existing staff, Initiating change, providing objectivity, teaching and training employees, ensuring that set of activities and outputs meets an organization’s goals in an effective and efficient manner.



Recently SHIELD CONSULTING become part of the IFGICT family, as approved and shortlisted company partner representing one of the most prestigious organizations in the world based in the USA and indexed by the United Nation (UN) as approved service provider, the IFGICT is an independent organization created takes the lead and set industry standards for the talent development profession in ICT and business technology. IFGICT is a international supplier of the highest quality certification and examination services in a variety of global standards and best practice frameworks in the business technology and Information Technology domains.



To learn more about SHIELD CONSULTING, please visit www.shield.com.eg



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