What Do Wilderness Survival Books Teach Us?

It’s not like every day that we get to make choices like life or death decisions. Usually, many people have never experienced being lost at sea, stranded in a dense dark forest or on an island with no one to rescue or a way out. Studying and reading these scenarios in survival book series can teach us how to smartly encounter these scenarios if we ever get stuck in one.  

Among many works of literature or true event novels, the best survival guide books have the potential to save your life or alert us on how to tackle life-threatening situations. Many guidebooks combine real-life narratives, scientific research, and survival stories. All these make us think about how to decipher what makes a good survivor story. According to the best mystery thriller book series, survival tales are about psychology. What is the main cause that normal people get stuck into survival circumstances in the first place? And what are the reasons that cause some people to suffer death while others can survive even much worse situations with less knowledge and resources? Author Owen Davis has presented the readers with the best survival book series Salvation Hoax Series which answers all these ambiguities. Owen explains that surviving in unfavorable situations is something that not everyone can deal with. It’s an art to master!

Bending the Map Leads to Nowhere

If you have to distort and twist the current reality to follow your defined ideas, something is wrong. Getting lost and completely stranded in the wilderness is not fun, and among the many mistakes people make is the idea of “bending the map” or living on preconceived models that do not match the real world. This model or idea could be anything from a genuine illustrated paper map to a psychological perception of what the environment should look like and how to survive it.

Panic & Stress doesn’t Accomplish Anything.

According to many survival guide books, comprehending the situation and dealing with it tactically, letting aside the emotional level, is what survival means. So, don’t panic and gear up whatever you do and whichever state you are in! But unfortunately, panic and stress is usually the next thing that occurs when people realize they are off the map and stranded in the middle of nowhere. In the wilderness, the main issue is that the panic and stress stage consumes lots of energy and can rapidly lead to tiredness. For example, a deserted hiker might try his best to climb up a steep hill to get a better and clear view of where he is or rushes forward in a panic state and clench hard at anything familiar despite having no clue what’s ahead of him. By doing so, he uses up all his stamina and energy in seconds that could have been saved for something later.

Decide How You Should Act, And Take The Necessary Action Conclusively.

The question is, if you happen to get lost, to whom would you call if you go missing? Despite taking all the necessary precautions, wilderness hunts and explorations can be long and perplexing. The wilderness is on a large massive scale, and you are small. If you’ve prepared your mind that no rescue team is coming to save you, then it’s imperative to take charge of the responsibility for your survival and not presume that a huge cavalry is on the way.

Rather than panicking and becoming stressed, comprehend the given situation. What living resources are available now, and what can you do to prioritize them? Are you equipped with food and water, and shelter? What about the tools that might be of use? People usually leave backpacks loaded with survival tools on the ground and don’t consider retrieving them when they are lost or probably when they are panicking. So, when you get into a troubling situation, recognize with what supplements you are not taking benefits or using to their full potential.

Readily Help Others If You Can

If you get lucky (or unlucky?) to be stranded in the wilderness with some other people, take all measures to help and comfort them. Ideally, as a hiker, you should have some proper medical training and be capable of treating injuries and taking care of the co-survivors wellbeing. Many studies have proposed that nurses and doctors have more excellent survival rates than the general public. Therefore, they must fulfill their duty, which gives them determination and motivation to keep surviving all odds.

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