What do Tattoos Speak About Our personality?

Tattoos have gained a lot of popularity nowadays. There is no denying that tattoos are becoming widespread and commonplace nowadays. Tattooing existed since 5000 years.

Having tattoos lowers your chances of finding a job and makes people think you’re not proficient enough, though the notions are changing gradually. Those two things are probably related. A study run by the University of St. Andrews in Scotland showed that employers across just about all industries have a negative view of tattoos; they used words like dirty, repugnant, and abhorrent.

30% of people think that the tattooed population is less intellectual and less healthy overall. The health response seems to be a mix of somebody’s perceived lifestyle with body art and misconception about the tattooing process’s cleanliness.

According to some of the researches, here’s what your tattoos might be saying about you:

You are an Extrovert by Nature

Extroverts are often described as the life of the party. You are vibrant, love exploring things and ideas, and thrive off the interaction. Extroverts are often considered as cheerful, constructive, cheery, and friendly. You aren’t as likely to dwell on problems or ponder difficulties.

You are Confident About Your Body

Confident people build trust in themselves by prioritizing values over feelings. If you get a tattoo on your ribs, you are more likely to be titled optimistic about your body. Getting a tattoo on your ribcage needs a lot of space so that people can see the design.


You are Mysterious

People who have tattoos on foot and ankle are more inexplicable, which is often shown in the design.

You are Unique

The tattoos are a mode of self-expression or construction of identity. With Polynesian tribal symbols, Colin Kaepernick has informed Sports Illustrated, “To me, it’s just another way to be different and tries to separate myself as my own man. If I get judged for something like my tattoos, so be it.”

Whether you get a walk in tattoo in Melbourne or get it through a prior appointment, make sure to get it only from professionals to get desired results.

You are Adventurous and Seek Experiences

People who are experience seeking like to adventure through the mind and the senses.

The placement of the tattoo can also tell a lot about our personality. One must be very clear in his/her mind that the placement of the tattoo shouldn’t be made randomly.

  • Finger tattoos usually indicate a very concise person.
  • People having tattoos on their calves are enthusiastic to show them off to others.
  • People with arm tattoos tend to live according to their choice and don’t worry much about the repercussions.
  • Wrist tattoos look great for all those looking forward to recovering from anxiety or depression, substance abuse, and other negative bothering.

Apart from these positive personality traits, research says that they also tend to have low self-worth levels, attend spiritual services less, and are usually much less well-informed than people who do not have tattoos.

In most cases these days, people regret their tattoo and opt for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne or other preferred locations. So, if you don’t want to experience the same, be very careful in choosing the best design and the right artist.