What do I need to know before traveling to Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a land of wonders located in south-central Africa between the mighty Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is well known for its formidable mountains, wide variety of animals, spectacular landscape, reserves, and safari places. With South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest, and Mozambique to the east, the nation has shared borders. On the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls plunge 108 meters into the narrow Batoka Gorge, a famous place for bungee jumping and white-water rafting. 

Matusadona and Mana Pool’s national parks are downstream, home to hippos, rhinos, leopards, lions, elephants, buffalo, and birdlife. Before booking your flight to Zimbabwe from the UK, prepare for your trip by checking all the travel requirements. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe (Previously known as Salisbury). The country has three official languages which include English, Shona, and Ndebele.

Famous tourist destinations in Zimbabwe:

While in Zimbabwe, don’t forget to visit the below places to get the best out of your trip;

  • Victoria Falls
  • Matusadona and Mana Polls National Park
  • Lake Kariba
  • Hwange National Park
  • Eastern Highlands
  • Bulawayo
  • Great Zimbabwe National Monument
  • Matobo National Park
  • Chinhoyi caves
  • Khami Ruins
  • Gonarezhou National Park

Besides the visa, filling out the Zimbabwe Custom Declaration form is mandatory. On this form, one is required to indicate whether you are bringing gifts, merchandise, or alcoholic beverages into the country. The document should be presented to the local authorities upon arrival at the airport along with the visa. To enjoy a stress-free trip, ask your travel agent to prepare all necessary documents, flight booking, and hotel accommodation.

Things to know before traveling to Zimbabwe: 

Here are a few things that can be helpful for you to know so you can have a hassle-free, rich travel experience while visiting Zimbabwe:

1) Entry Requirement:

Check all the entry requirements for Zimbabwe, e.g. custom declaration form, valid visa, and passport. Your UK travel agent will help you with this and ensure you have all the required documents to present at the airport.

2) Health & Safety:

Zimbabwe has relatively high incidences of HIV/AIDS and malaria, so it is important to take necessary precautions. Consult your general physician to get the vaccination before your flight, and bring insect repellent and malaria prophylaxis medication.    

3) Weather Conditions: 

Zimbabwe is a country with a subtropical climate. If you are traveling during the rainy season between “November to March”, be prepared for heavy rainfall and flooding in some areas. So it is better to avoid traveling during the rainy season.

4) Zimbabwe Culture: 

Zimbabwe has a rich cultural heritage, and respecting the local customs and traditions is very important.  

5) Transportation: 

Zimbabwe has an underdeveloped transportation infrastructure, so traveling locally can be challenging. So it is recommended to hire rent a car or book through the local tourism department.

6) Bring enough Cash:

After the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar, the US dollar is being used there as their local currency, but credit cards and not widely accepted, and ATMs are frequently out of Cash. So it is strongly recommended to bring enough cash to cover all your expenditures during the trip.

Although the Zimbabwean economy has rebounded somewhat recently, the financial situation is still deplorable compared to many western and African countries. Many people barely earn enough to live, and tourist tips can go a long way to helping the average worker. So bring some extra cash. 

7) Be updated: 

Many parts of Zimbabwe are safe for tourists to visit. However, staying up-to-date with the local news before and during your travel is always a good idea.

8) Travel and health insurance: 

Though it is not mandatory when booking a flight for Zimbabwe, we highly recommend getting travel and health insurance before your trip. The medical facilities and services are easily accessible if you have overseas insurance.

9) Be Mindful of your belongings:

Ensure you carry a backpack on the front of your body when in a crowded place. Petty crime is widespread there.

10) Food & drinking water:

In some cases, the quality and preparation of the meat may not be suitable for a sensitive Western stomach while eating somewhere other than a high-end resort. Do not consume raw or uncooked food; make sure you only drink bottles or disinfected water.  

11) Important Contact Numbers:

Ask the hotel reception to provide you nearest local police station and your hometown embassy numbers you may need in an emergency.

12) Bring along your prescribed medicines:

If you are on medication, carry your medical supplies as some medications may not be available during travel.

13) Create a timely itinerary:

To make the most of your trip, always make reservations in advance. That way, you will get cheap flights & hotel accommodations on your preferred travel dates.

14) Be vigilant and refrain from openly flashing cash:

Carry a copy of your passport and visa, leaving the originals in the hotel safe. Avoid attending political gatherings, protests, and crowded places. Keep an eye on the local media frequently for breaking news, and be ready to revise your plans as necessary. 

By keeping all the factors mentioned above in mind, you can make your Zimbabwe trip safe, enjoyable, and culturally enriching.

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