What Do Emotional Support Animals Do, Exactly?

It has been pertinent to note that the main and foremost purpose of having an emotional support animal is to provide curative and sanative support to people with mental disorders. The basic idea or fact behind this purpose is that animals can help in reliving emotional stress, which a trained psychologist and licenced therapists can’t do. In the words of renowned animal behaviourist Marc Bekoff (Ph.D.), “The minimal companionship of an animal can give more healing and comfort to people.” The global acceptance of emotional support animals for the treatment of psychological problems and mental illness is described in various medical research papers and laws across the world. Now for the answer to the question cited, “What Do Emotional Support Animals Do, Exactly?” it is easily elaborated as follows:

Psychological and emotional healing

An ESA provides encouragement to people with mental health issues to fight them and gives them comfort and a sense of belonging. ESA cures people from anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, specific phobias, depression, and various psychological and mental problems. They offer emotional support, love, affection, and devotion without asking any questions. This discussion is also supported by the fact that people with aerophobia, a type of fear of air travel, are allowed by airlines to travel with their ESAs. They help people reduce anxiety and fear by hugging and holding them.

Boost Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are chemical signals that provide feeling to the human body. They are of multiple types and responsible for our human behavior. Most studies show that ESAs help the human body produce neurotransmitters that make people happy and provide relaxation for their minds. One of the major neurochemicals in human psychology is dopamine. This chemical is connected with love, care, connections, bonding, and affection. ESAs, particularly dogs, are very helpful for increasing dopamine in the human body.

Give Endless Love

ESAs support in development of the relationship with the suffering persons and give them a feeling of love and affection, which will finally help them overcome their psychological problems. ESAs help sufferers to re-engage with the outer world with positivity and calmness.

Animal therapy provides a base for other treatments.

Medical professionals and clinical psychologists are aware of the fact that emotional support animals could provide a base for clinical and psychological treatment of mental issues. Most psychologists use cognitive-behavioural therapy in line with ESA support. The use of ESAs under this therapy is to improve mindfulness and the thought process of the patient, develop a sense of positive feeling, encourage them to interact with the outside world (by roaming their ESAs), and produce a feeling of safety in the patient. The incorporation of ESAs with treatment plans gives unbelievable and exceptional results to medical professionals and clinical psychologists.

Balance extreme emotions

EWAs provide support in normalising intense emotions during difficult times. They serve as stress busters; when you are greeted by ESAs after a long working day or when you are feeling low, they make your mood happy. When you see your ESAs doing funny and silly things, it will develop an emotional connection, and you will forget all your stress and anxiety. ESAs are like children to patients, who always give them cherishing and happy moments.

Social Support

ESAs are social animals; they often consider themselves family members, which provides social support to mentally ill persons. Everyone on this planet is required to share their emotions and thoughts. EWAs fulfil the need for social companionship among people with mental needs. They’re like your friend, who has turned around the feeling of loneliness and living alone. By this means, EWAs are able to provide social support.


ESAs can become your friends and family members to provide mental support and companionship. They help in medical treatment and are useful in various therapies to treat mental disorders. The main thing that is important to note is that not all animals can be regarded as emotional support animals; there are some specific criteria for the same. ESAs’ importance is truly recognised in the United States of America, where various laws give ESAs special status and benefits. The Air Carrier Access Act allows passengers to travel with ESAs, and the Fair Housing Act requires housing companies to have suitable space to accommodate ESAs. If we come from the type of ESAs, there are many options for animals, such as dogs, cats, and miniature horses. However, it differs from person to person from which animal he or she feels emotionally connected, as it is said that emotions lie in the eyes of the beholder.

So from the above discussion, we can understand their importance in the medical as well as psychological treatment of people with mental illness and what ESAs exactly do. Let’s connect with us for getting more useful and important information.  You can reach to ESA letter provider who can guide you next.