What do designers in the bathroom advise in 2021?

Bathroom decoration

And so, the first thing that changes in the room during the renovation is the walls and the floor, the so-called background of the “image,” which in no case should be deprived of attention. Due to the monotonous, tired and dull city life, people have a particular desire, a need to be closer to nature, but not always, and not everyone has the opportunity to escape from oversaturated manufactured species closer to natural, natural landscapes; therefore, in the interior of 2021, designers predict the trend – “naturalness.”

In the decoration of modern bathrooms, this trend is expressed in a certain roughness of the surface, which can bring a person as close as possible to nature. Finishing materials that are perfect for bathroom decoration: cast marble, wood imitation tiles, stone. The same materials are ideal for flooring as well.

All about plumbing

Every year, the design of certain interior items is simplified, while a considerable emphasis is placed on the functionality of things and their ease of use. Therefore, in 2021, bathroom design includes wall-mounted toilets, taps, and furniture with missing legs and smooth facades. The forms of plumbing applicable to the creation of the bathroom 2021 are streamlined: washbasins, bathtubs with soft corners.

In the online sanitary ware store “New Bathroom Style,” you will find sinks that meet all the requirements of fashion trends of the current and next year. One of the bathroom vanities such as, for example, “Blossom Bath, “London,” etc. – will perfectly fit into the modern design of your bathroom.

An unusual solution in the 2021-bathroom design is the location of the mixer to the side of the washbasin. Firstly, it looks at least fresh and distinctive, and secondly, such an arrangement of the mixer will be much more convenient to use if, for example, you have a narrow countertop under the washbasin.

But, as for bathroom fixtures, wall-mounted toilets and taps, and the unusual location of the faucet are not all that designers advise us when decorating bathrooms. Bathroom design 2021 will be popular with hands-free plumbing, which is applicable not only in public places but also to fit perfectly into your bathroom design.

Contactless plumbing has a lot of advantages, one of which is serious water saving. Few people turn off the water during morning or evening procedures like washing and brushing your teeth, so vast amounts of the water drain away, thereby ruining your wallets and wasting the world’s water supplies, which is exactly what prevents hands-free plumbing. Therefore, it is so advised to use it in the design of bathrooms, many modern designers.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom furniture has not undergone significant changes in 2021. However, the exact requirements remain unchanged for it as for other interior items – simplicity and versatility. As mentioned above, there is no furniture with legs and pretentious ornaments in modern bathroom design – everything should be as elegant and straightforward as possible. Storage space in various cabinets is not interchangeable, and storage space in the form of hanging cabinets arranged in any composition is not convertible in the bathroom design. You can see how beautiful and ergonomic bathrooms look with washbasins with a floating cabinet.


Lighting in bathroom design takes almost one of the primary roles of the entire “composition.” It is lighting that can improve the “image” of the bathroom, or, on the contrary, worsen it, with an illiterate approach.

Many designers advise coming up with a “lighting scenario” before starting the bathroom transformation. There should be generally light in the room: it is no longer relevant to hang one, usually a massive lamp or chandelier in the center of the ceiling shortly. The overall light should be evenly distributed, so one of the bathroom designer’s tips is to use spotlights.

They look great in any other room, but in the bathroom, they are like nowhere else.

The lightest area is in front of the mirror – here we tidy ourselves up before going outside – and to highlight this area, you can use the LED lines directly on the mirror itself.

Check out our options for a medicine cabinet with light and LED bathroom mirrors. Perhaps you will find the right solution for your bathroom.

It should be noted that LED lines are relevant now and will be applicable as early as 2022.

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