What CRD products sell the best?

Which CRD Products Sell the Best?

Despite the temporary reduction in popularity that resulted from the 2019 vape crisis, CBD vape products continue to gain traction around the globe, and hemp consumers and distributors are always on the lookout for the most reliable, high-quality CBD vape cartridges.

Since recrystallization remains a rampant problem within the hemp vape industry, however, demand for types of cannabinoid-rich extracts that don’t crystallize has reached a fever pitch. Premium hemp cannabinoid manufacturer, GVB Biopharma, were the first to hit the market with Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) and it has revolutionized the vaping industry. Learn what CRD is, find out how this unique type of extract solves recrystallization, and discover the most popular CRD products on the market today.


What is CRD?

Crystal-resistant distillate (CRD) is a type of cannabinoid-rich hemp extract that resists recrystallization. As crystalline molecules, CBD and other cannabinoids tend to recombine into hard, crystalline structures even when they’re suspended in the lipids and other natural substances that constitute cannabinoid-rich hemp extract.

The resulting recrystallized cannabinoid material is difficult to vaporize, and its appearance can be off-putting to hemp consumers, who often believe that recrystallization is a sign that their vape cartridge has “gone bad.” Vape cartridges consisting of CBD isolate suspended in MCT oil, PG, or VG are especially prone to recrystallization, lending additional credence to the common perception that isolate-based vapes are low-quality.

As a result, premium CRD consists of only natural hemp flower extract without any additives. A select group of bulk cannabinoid manufacturers have discovered how to prevent crystallization indefinitely without relying on any substances that aren’t derived from the cannabinoid-rich hemp flower.

How is CRD different from other bulk hemp products?

CRD is different from other cannabinoid-rich bulk ingredients in three major ways:

Potential applications

CRD makes it possible to produce reliable vape cartridges that remain free of recrystallization for 90 days or longer, which finally allows hemp manufacturers to expand confidently into the vape market without being concerned about product quality. Regardless of their quality or usefulness in other contexts, no bulk hemp ingredients are more suitable for vape cartridges than CRD. aside from CRD are suitable for vape cartridges.

While recrystallization is primarily an issue in the vape industry, CRD may also be desirable in other product types. Therefore, this form of distillate has a wider range of potential applications than practically any other hemp extract type.


To make hemp extract crystal-resistant, it must first be distilled, which naturally removes the majority of impurities present in crude hemp extract. As a result, CRD is on par with the purity of other distillates, and it is considerably more pure than crude or winterized extracts.


The uses of most types of cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts are relatively open-ended. While it’s technically possible to use CRD in practically any type of hemp product, this extract was specifically designed for use in vape products, and this specificity sets CRD apart from types of hemp extracts that weren’t designed for use in a particular type of product.

Which cannabinoids can be offered in CRD?

In fact, some forms of CRD contain concentrations of minor cannabinoids as high as 25%, supplementing the effects of CBD with the distinct properties of these unique Cannabis sativa constituents. While there’s still a lot we need to learn about the entourage effect, it’s possible that this cannabinoid synergy might be strengthened when minor cannabinoids are present in higher quantities.

Which product types are ideal for CRD?

CRD is ideal for high-end CBD vape products that manufacturers want to advertise as being resistant to crystallization. Using CRD in vape products makes it possible to avoid additives while preserving the flowability of vape cartridges for a significant shelf-life duration.

Which CRD products are currently the most popular?

At present, CRD is most popular in vape cartridges. Being able to advertise vape cartridges as crystal-resistant improves sell-through by appealing to the needs of vape connoisseurs and solving one of the CBD vape industry’s most common problems.

CRD will become the default type of extract used in vape cartridges over time, and it’s possible that this extract will also gain increased popularity in other product categories. Cannabinoid product manufacturers who want to derive the greatest benefits from CRD should currently stick to using this unique type of extract in high-end vape cartridges.

CRD solves problems that plague the hemp industry

Recrystallization has been a pressing issue for years, and most hemp vape manufacturers have simply shrugged off this problem like it didn’t matter. Ignoring real problems leads to decreased trust, however, and with CRD, it’s finally possible to come clean with customers by offering vape products that are truly resistant to recrystallization.

Brand that offer CRD products will have a serious advantage

As the CBD vape market matures, an increasing number of consumers are becoming aware of the quality differences between CBD products. Offering CBD vape cartridges that contain genuine, THC-free Crystal Resistant Distillate will set any brand apart from the competition by loudly and clearly announcing their dedication to product quality and innovation.


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