What Colors Should You Wear – Philosophy of Colors

Colors are like a spoiled girlfriend that can make your life a living hell if you don’t pay enough attention to it. The colors you wear, tell a big deal about your personality, and they tend to change your mood. To create an impression on people that last forever, you need to give these colors substantial care and sincere thoughts. To make you a pro player in this game of choosing the right color for you. We have developed a list of colors that will go best on particular occasions, moods, and situations.

Black – Sign of Prestige and Seriousness

First, on our list is the color black, now is the color of bad guys. Black is the color of darkness, mystery, and authority. According to psychology, black color indicates power, intelligence, prestige, and seriousness. You will not see any clown wearing all black, and similarly, if you don’t want to look like a clown, black is the safest color for you. When you have to attend an event, and you don’t know what to wear, Take a deep breath, put on a Black leather jacket over black jeans, layer your coat with a white T-shirt, and Baam! You are all set to drop some jaws. There are numerous online stores where you can get a sweet looking leather jacket. You can always check Amazon, eBay, or leather jackets on Everyyou. The color black that shows that the person is ambitious and severe. There are few to no occasions when you cannot wear the color black.

Brown – Sign of Reliability and Stability

2nd on our list is the color, Brown. It is a color that shows reliability and stability. The brown color is often associated with the earth; that’s why it is perceived that people who wear brown are not shaky and more on the reliable side. Moreover, these people are tough as well as sensitive, plus they look for peace and respect. When you see a guy in a brown suit or jacket or a girl in a brown dress, you naturally think of them as healthy and intelligent. The people who wear brown or shades of brown are considered more rational and less imaginative.

Blue – Sign of Activeness and Confident

Psychologists say that if you are getting ready for an interview, the color blue is the right choice because blue color signifies confidence and activeness. Maybe that is the reason why many uniforms have blue dye in them. If you see a man or woman wearing blue or shades of blue, you think of them as active and confident. According to researches, the blue color is also associated with calamity, trust, efficiency, and kindness.

Green – Sign of Nature Loving

Scientists observe that green color changes the mood from not so good to fair. Green is the color of nature, and nature is always soothing and pleasant. It gives a good feeling of peace and unity. People who like green outfits are serious about their careers and thrive for financial stability. They are kind and caring.

Purple – A Symbol of Royalty

Previously, the color purple was a symbol of royalty as it was manufactured from some of the rarest and most expensive ingredients. It was only affordable by a higher class of people like kings and queens. It used to mean sophistication, luxury, and wealth. Now, this color is associated with art and creativity (and sometimes madness referring to The Joker).

People who like purple outfits are emotional and tilted towards complex concepts like love, art, and mystery. Dealing with these kinds of people is not a piece of cake. They can be your best friend or a weirdo who you don’t want to deal with.

Red – Color of Love

We often heard that red is the color of love. It is not false, but red is not just the color of love. It is associated with many other things like passion, power, and attention. We often see emergency signs in the shade of red and yellow. Fire trucks are also colored red because it helps to get the attention of traffic so that they can leave a path for it. Red is also a good choice if you want to impress or persuade someone. If your goal is to get all the eyes on you, then you should wear dark shades of red. Red indicates excitement, energy, and fun. People also have this perception that red color is appealing for men and that they are more attracted to women wearing red.

The world is full of colors, and these different colors have different meanings. It is essential to understand the real meaning behind a particular shade if you want to add depth to your style and fashion. In other words, style intelligently and color your outfits according to the occasion, settings, and, most importantly, your objective behind the outfit. The right choice of color can make you go from zero to mind-blowing in no time.


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