What Causes iPhone Home Button to Stop Working?

The home button of the iPhone is an absolute necessity for navigating the iPhone. However, the home button of your iPhone can run into issues. When it happens, you may also think of cell phone repair to fix the problem. Nevertheless, there are a host of things that you can give a try prior to heading to the iPhone repair shop for the fix.  

Traditional Fix to the Problem, “the iPhone Home Button Not Working.”

Here are the things you can give a try prior to opting for more time-consuming solutions to fix the home button of your iPhone:

  • Enable Assistive Touch on your device as follows: Settings→ Accessibility→ Touch and Toggle On the Assistive Touch Option. It will also cause a small white circle to show on the iPhone screen. When you press the circle, it will open a menu, embracing a home button shortcut.
  • Restart your iPhone to tackle any software hiccups.
  • Externally clean the home button of your iPhone while wiping it with a damp microfiber cloth. You may use a toothpick to safely get rid of the grime from the perimeter if necessary. 
  • Also, verify your iPhone and apps are up to date.  

Reasons Your iPhone Home Button Has Stopped Working & the Fix

  1. Buggy Software: Buggy software can make your iPhone act as if its home button is not working. Nonetheless, you can try to fix the problem in the following ways:
  • Check and see if you can use the home button elsewhere. For example, you may use Ask Siri to perform some functions that your home button performs. Then, you may open the App Switcher and turn off the last app in use.
  • Reopen the affected app, check the App Store for updates, and install them if available. If updates are not available, uninstall and reinstall the app.  
  1. Debris in the Button Mechanism: iPhone 6s and the previous versions rely on outdated button technology. When you push the button of such iPhones, it presses a tiny focal point on the opposite side of the button. Further, the focal point presses against a raised point on the back plate to activate the home button. Nevertheless, your button may feel mushy and won’t depress all the way. What does it mean? Do you need a cell phone repair to fix the issue? Yes, except if you are an iPhone repair technician.

Further, doing good interior cleaning can help you get rid of the debris in the mechanism. A technician will take off the back plate holding the iPhone button in place. Then, the technician may clean the debris in the mechanism with the aid of compressed air or isopropyl alcohol, in addition to a cotton swab. 

  1. Misaligned Button: Misaligned button is a more common issue in iPads, but the same issue can affect iPhone 6s and earlier iPhones. Moreover, it is likely the problem is with your home button when it does not correspond to when you press it. Besides, the gasket that acts as a sealant between the home button of the iPhone and the screen is vulnerable to wear. It also allows the button to deflect when you press it instead of depressing straight. Replacing the gasket by visiting a professional may help you fix the issue and make your home button start working again.  
  1. The Button Is Damaged Physically: Physical break or liquid contact can also cause your home button to halt functioning. Moreover, such a problem is more prevalent on the touch-sensitivity-style buttons in the iPhone 7 or newer. You should look for signs of a crack in the button of your iPhone, as capacitive-type buttons lose functionality when their glass is damaged. Changing your viewing angle can help you identify small hairline cracks. Further, you may see rust or signs of corrosion if the liquid has entered the home button of your iPhone.  

Moreover, visiting an iPhone repair technician can help you replace your button to fix the problem.

  1. Tiny Cables Are Torn: Many of the issues that can affect the home button functionality are because of repair attempts. The home button assembly of the iPhone itself deploys tiny ribbon cables to transmit electrical signals. By the same token, such cables are easier to damage accidentally. Tears in the home button cable that a repair technician can spot for you means you need to replace the button. Put differently, you will need to approach the expert to replace the home button and fix the issue.  


The home button of the iPhone is an absolute necessity for navigating the iPhone. However, the home button of your iPhone can run into an issue for diverse reasons. The home button of the iPhone can encounter a problem because of the following:

  1. Buggy software
  2. Debris in the button mechanism
  3. Misaligned button
  4. The button is physically damaged 
  5. The cables are torn

Your best bet to fix the issue of the “home button stop working,” is to visit an expert in cell phone repair. Lastly, enabling the “Assistive Touch” on your device, restarting your iPhone, and externally cleaning the button may help you resolve the issue. 


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