Garages are very commonly found everywhere and lead a very simple up and down life. The problem occurs when one day your garage door surprises you by getting stuck in between the opening or closing of a garage door. There are several reasons for your garage door stuck issue. But the main issue might be with your garage door’s spring because that’s the main component of your garage door that helps in opening and closing the garage door.

There are various types of springs that are installed in garage doors and usually, maintenance is needed to prevent the defects in these springs.

These garage door springs are of two types, that are, extension springs or torsion springs.

Extension springs are so-called because they have the capability of storing energy by stretching or extending. When there’s misfunctioning in these springs then the capability is lost which results in the stuck or jammed garage door.

There are also open looped springs in a garage door, which are easiest to change when gets worn out. Besides open looped springs, double looped springs are said to be stronger than the open looped springs but are difficult to replace.

Torsion Springs varies in each garage door. There are one to four torsion springs placed in a garage door. The quantity of springs depends upon the size, and weight of the garage door and are installed directly on the metallic shaft of the door.

How are you going to recognize a worn-out spring?

Worn out springs are not so hard to recognize because once they are broken, they’ll start producing difficulties in the opening and closing of the garage door.

Torsion Springs, however, produces so much noise similar to a gunshot when broken and it’s dangerous to open a broken garage door as it may cause different other problems, therefore, call a professional repairman to get it fixed.

Causes of breaking of garage door springs:

There are many causes of breakage of a garage door spring, although, some might break due to overload.

The main cause of breakage of garage door springs may be the rust on the springs. Rusts might not look as dangerous that they could break the spring, but they can. Eventually, when the rusted spring is not replaced on time, it could break the spring and would lead to many other maintenance issues.

Moreover, incorrectly sized springs can also break in a garage door. Each garage door has a specified spring for itself and if the spring installed in your garage door is not up to the length or width of the garage door, it might cause a serious problem and break down immediately while operating the door.

There could be general wear and tear issues of the springs that can occur in every garage door, at any time. If not looked up by a professional, the garage door’s spring might start dysfunction which causes the garage door to become unbalanced and noisy while opening or closing the door. It might get stuck in between the up and down process. Therefore, it’s important to get your garage door checked and maintained by a professional worker.

Besides, the poor maintenance of the garage door will induce the breakage of the spring present inside the garage door. The more you focus on maintaining your garage door, the more life span you’ll get of your spring.

Focus on the little signs that your garage door shows like a noisy door or jammed door, to prevent the breaking of the spring, and if the springs break, call a professional repairman in order to avoid much more hassles of the garage door.