What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrencies are winning more and more customers and markets. This is especially true for the most famous crypto – Bitcoin. Not that long ago, you would hold it and do not actually know where to spend it. It was just a kind of savings with shady chances at first and quite a nice potential then. Now, things have changed. You can spend your BTC on numerous products.

How to Buy Anything for Bitcoin?

First, you can pay via your crypto wallet when such an option is supported on the site or with the retailer of your interest. Another way is to use a crypto debit card. You should place BTC on it beforehand. When paying with it, the retailer gets the necessary sum in form of fiat money while its crypto equivalent is charged off your card visit Bitpapa.

Things You Can Purchase for Bitcoin

Shopping for Bitcoins still requires improvement. There are lots of e-commerce businesses and traditional sales units that do not support crypto payments. However, the list of products available for BTC is increasing, and right now, you are free to spend your Bitcoins on the following goods buy bitcoin instantly.

Cars & Luxury

The choice of car dealers and luxury retailers who accept BTC is broad enough. You can pay with Bitcoins for vehicles, watches, jewelry, etc from such brands as:

  • Lamborghini;
  • Subaru;
  • Elon Musk Tesla;
  • BitDials;
  • Prestige Time;
  • Denison Yacht Sales;
  • etc

Online Retailers

For a large eCommerce, adding Bitcoins to possible means of settlement is a way to gain more popularity and attract such a specific group of customers as crypto holders. Moreover, the more retailers accept cryptos the more customers’ trust the crypto market wins. Although Amazon and eBay are out of the list, be sure to use BTC at:

  • Overstock;
  • Spotify;
  • Newegg;
  • Home Depot;
  • and some others


Companies that specialize in the sale of technologies seem to open possibilities for Bitcoin purchases more willingly. You can pay with BTC and other crypto coins at least with the following retailers:

  • Microsoft;
  • Twitch;
  • Reddit;
  • WordPress;
  • NordVPN;
  • ProtonMail;
  • Vultr;
  • and more


For travel agencies and airline companies, Bitcoin payments bring new clients and serve as a nice promotion of their services. When booking a holiday is on your mind, you can pay it with Bitcoin at:

  • Expedia;
  • Virgin Galactic;
  • AirBaltic;
  • etc

Other Services

The above-placed goods do not represent the complete list of services you can buy with BTC. You are sure to find taxi companies, insurers, news media companies, restaurants, supermarkets, casinos, educational platforms, and other businesses that accept cryptos. So, it might be useful to know special sites where you can check the BTC-friendliness of this or that company or find the one that sells the needed item for Bitcoin:

  • useBitcoins;
  • Coinmap;
  • Spendabit;
  • Where to Spend Bitcoins U.K.