What can Wedding Live Band Singapore musicians do for your Wedding March In Songs?

When we come to think of weddings, what do we feel about this? Is it just an event that a couple walks down the aisle symbolizing eternity? Not! A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that everyone needs to take it very seriously when it comes to planning. Planning for a wedding is one of the most daunting tasks ever by anyone as it is their first time planning for one.

So you are getting married in a few months down the road, what is it that you need to plan right now? There are many things you need to worry about planning! Some of the things to worry about planning for your wedding includes what food should your guests eat, and which venue is the best for you. But one of the biggest things that you should never leave out in your planning for your wedding is the entertainment that you will provide for your guests.

Entertainment is a massive business at weddings. Many people do not know the importance of having a professional wedding entertainment for their guests, and they end up boring people when they are there! Some may think that this is easy, but it is not easy!

There are many kinds of entertainment to choose from all of these. Some of them include getting a magician for weddings, and some involve getting clowns, circus acts, jugglers or even DJs. In our opinion, one of the best entertainments that one can provide for their wedding is to hire professional Wedding Live Band Singapore musicians to do the job!

Wedding live band musicians will be doing the best for your wedding, and entertaining everyone during your once in a lifetime event.

One of the most significant event during your wedding will be your wedding march in songs. When you are doing your demonstration in, do note that all eyes will be on you. Everyone’s attention will be on you because of all the spotlight that will be shining to both your faces when you walk down the aisle. For that, you should pick the right march in songs, and the best is if you can get professional wedding live band Singapore musicians to sing it live for you! Doing so will make an outstanding performance during your wedding.

Below we will detail some examples on what a professional wedding live band can do for your wedding march in songs:

1) Professional wedding live bands offer professional advice

For the above, it is probably your first time planning, and you probably do not know what to do when you are planning for your wedding. When it comes to this, it is not your fault! You need help! You need to ask professionals who have been doing this for years on what are the best practices for weddings.

When it comes to weddings, a professional wedding live band can adequately advise you on what to do, the song choices, and also which songs to choose for your Singapore Wedding March In Songs!

For that, it comes in handy because it will prevent you from accidentally choosing the wrong songs like a break-up song or more. Imagine when you are marching down the aisle, and your wedding march in a piece is a break-up song. How embarrassing can that get?

For the above, it is something you wouldn’t want to mess around with during your wedding!

2) Live Wedding Bands are hip!

You are young, and yes, we know it! Believe it or not, it is now a trend to hire a wedding lie band for your wedding. A survey has found that 65% of marriages nowadays hire a professional live band to perform for their wedding. It is unsurprising these days as most musicians rates are very affordable now, and also the growing demand for the love of music.

When live wedding bands are performing, they can make your wedding atmosphere lively. They can make your guests dance together with the music, and sing together with them.

Picture this: Do you want a wedding where everyone is seriously sitting at their seats, or do you want a wedding where everyone is singing together, making this an enjoyable and lively event?

I believe the answer is the latter where everyone is partying their night away. For that, we conclude live wedding bands are hip, and you are not hip if you do not choose to have a live band to perform for your wedding.

Also, they will make a great band perform for your march in songs! Having this is better than playing music from Spotify!

3) Wedding Live bands are flexible with music arrangements for your march in songs

When you are marching down the aisle, you do not know how long or how short the gallery is. Therefore, when doing so, you need a band to arrange music in a way whereby this will be to start at the right time and end at the right time. Having said so, it is the best way as you wouldn’t want the band to be still playing when you have already reached the stage to do your stuff.

IF you were to play music from Spotify, you would not be able to have a custom arranged music to do so. Music from Spotify will not allow you to re-arrange the music. When you press play, you do your wedding march in, and when you press stop, the music stops abruptly.

Imagine when you have reached the stage, and the music just stops abruptly. How awkward will that be? You will know what we mean, do you?

Thus when you are getting your live band to sing your march in songs, they will settle this immediately for you. Wedding live band musicians can be flexible enough to tweak your wedding march in pieces for you, making it the best arrangement you can have for your train in all of these!


Weddings are always the toughest to plan, and if you do not plan well, you will not have a great marriage, to begin with, all of these.
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Happy planning for your wedding and your wedding march in songs!