What Can Make YouTube Delete Your Channel

You probably have heard that some people’s YouTube Channels have been pulled down because of one reason or the other. YouTube is a platform that has serious rules and any mistake could to a whole of your channel being taken down. This is not just to punish you but also to discourage other wrongdoers who could have the same motives as yours. You can buy Facebook likes and grow easily but the same might be difficult on YouTube because of the tough processes involved. Always make sure you are careful so that you don’t commit the below mistakes.

Copying People’s Content 

Copyright issues have always been taken seriously on YouTube so make sure whatever you post is original and yours. Always make sure you have the best kind of content and have your ideas and creativity to develop your content. This is the best way to ensure you avoid copy-right issues. Copying people’s content could also make you be fined a large amount of money so make sure you always create your content to avoid such issues. If your content is copied, YouTube will automatically know and pull it down for you.

Abusive Content 

The morals and conduct of content creators are expected to be of a high level. If something has annoyed you, you better take it between you and that person rather than publishing content of abuse on social media. Continuous abusive language whether to a minor or an adult could lead to your account being pulled down immediately until you appeal. Remember if you get reported, you lose even the followers making you start afresh. Content creators who have a history of publishing abusive content have a hard time gaining more followers online and this could immensely affect their business. Always make sure you enjoy excellent content by avoiding abusive ones.

Religious Abuse 

Religion matters need to be respected at all times. Don’t just throw your disagreements and abuse of religion on YouTube because if someone reports that content, you could end up losing your account at all times. If you don’t support religion, make sure you keep silent and disagree with it internally so that you enjoy the peace and have your channel grow.  You can publish content that talks good about religion but don’t publish content that talks bad about religion, that would cost your account dearly and cause you to start afresh. This is the best way to ensure you enjoy excellent outcomes on the success of your YouTube channel.

In a nutshell, focus on your niche and if likes are not enough, you can always buy Facebook likes or YouTube likes to enhance your influence. Don’t abuse people or post content that could lead to hurting others. Have some sense of responsibility for what you post so that you enjoy excellent support and get more followers. Even for the foods that you don’t eat, don’t always talk bad about them because you could report and face a lot of problems on your account. Closed accounts don’t get their revenue so it is a loss. 

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