What Can Lead To Memory Loss After A Car Accident?

Car accidents are a traumatic situation. The victims of a car accident may suffer from major and minor injuries. Minor injuries do not possess any significant risks, while significant injuries can lead to paralysis, loss of function, memory loss, and in some cases, death. 

As soon as a victim encounters an accident, they should look for medical assistance; once they feel safe, the next step is to contact a car crash attorney Fort Wayne. A lawyer can help the victim by negotiating with the negligent party’s insurance company and getting you a fair deal. 

What are the types of memory loss? 

The human brain stores and makes new memory; damage to the brain’s structures can lead to disturbances in creating recent memory, loss of stored memory, or complete failure. 

  1. Retrograde amnesia. 

Victims suffering from Retrograde amnesia lose all their memory(names of friends and relatives, dates, and much more). It is the most severe form of memory loss. 

  1. Post-traumatic amnesia. 

The victim suffering from this type of amnesia is unable to communicate and remains in a state of confusion.

  1. Anterograde amnesia. 

Victims suffering from anterograde amnesia cannot form new memories after having an injury after a car accident.

Types of injuries that lead to amnesia after the car accident

  1. Concussion. 

A blow to the head causes this type of traumatic brain injury. In a car accident, the dashboards, windows, or any heavy object present in the car may cause head injury, leading to short-term amnesia.

  1. Trauma. 

After a car accident, the victim may suffer from trauma that leads to anterograde amnesia. The impact of the collision is so high that the victim cannot form new memories.

  1. Injury to the brain

Hippocampus (Structure present in the temporal bone) is responsible for forming new memory. When the victim gets injured in a car accident, the hippocampus gets affected and leads to long-term memory loss. If the injury to the hippocampus is severe, the victim’s memory will never come back.

Procedure for filing a case against the injurer for memory loss. 

Filing a claim on your own is quite challenging, but getting help from an experienced lawyer in Fort Wayne can help you get things running. A victim should prepare all the related documents like medical bills, medical reports, evidence, and more. After this, their lawyer takes care of all the legal proceedings.