What can I use instead of a Punching Bag?

Punching bags are perfect for punching workouts, but if you do not have a punching bag, you can use other items, such as sofa cushions, to do punching workouts. There are many other options for punching workouts, like the top half of an easy chair. Therefore, you can use these types of things for direct punching workouts. And if we talk about the best options for direct punching workouts, there are some substitutes. So, you can use these substitutes instead of a punching bag for your punching workouts. Now we will describe below some of the best substitutes that you can use instead of a punching bag.

Wooden Dummy

The wooden dummy is much popular in China, and people there call it “Muk-Yan-Chong” in their traditional language. Furthermore, it is a piece of training equipment that consists of a striking wooden surface with wooden legs and arms. The main purpose of these legs and arms is to help you practice positioning, trapping, and blocking. But if we talk about the price of this equipment, this would be an expensive option for punching workouts. So, the price of this equipment is higher than the kids punching bag. Therefore, you should keep the prices of these bags in your mind while purchasing one of them for a punching workout.

Free Standing Bag

The looks and acts of a free-standing bag are much similar to a regular punching bag. Furthermore, it offers the same amount of resistance, and it is also padded and cylindrical. But you cannot hang a free-standing bag on the ceiling. So, you can fill the cylinder base with water, sand, or stones and keep it in a reservoir. Therefore, this will provide a counterweight to keep you from punching it over with your strikes. This is why you can easily use this type of bag for direct punching workouts.

Kick Shields

This is the best opportunity to use kick shields if you do a punching workout with a partner. Furthermore, kick shields provide everything similar to what a heavy punching bag provides for the punching workout. These shields have handles like a shield of a medieval knight. Therefore, one of the partners has to hold this shield while the other kicks and punches this shield. Moreover, you can use this equipment instead of a Kids punching bag for your punching workout. There are many advantages of using a kick shield for punching workouts, such as a wider variety of greater mobility, appropriate strikes, and a surface that is very friendlier to your knuckles. But the main thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have a partner to use kick shields.

Choose the Best Quality Punching Equipment

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