What Are Your Options for Caravan Storage?

It is important to consider where you plan on storing your caravan well in advance of you buying it and bringing it home, otherwise you could find yourself faced with quite a big dilemma. Remember that these vehicles aren’t all that small, so you need plenty of space in which to store and maneuver them without posing a risk of damage to the van itself or to the surrounding structures. So, where could you store your caravan?




One of the more popular places to store your caravan is somewhere on your property, most likely because this is the cheapest option. You can park the van in your driveway (if you have enough room), or in your back or front yard. Try not to park it on the nature strip (as many council’s fine people who do this) and it is recommended that you don’t park it in front of your house if it isn’t fenced in.


Caravan Parks


There are a number of caravan parks that allow people to permanently rent out or even to buy a site on which they can store their van at all times of the year. This is ideal if you have a favourite camping place and do not tend to holiday anywhere else, as you can make your caravan a semi-permanent structure. The only problem with this option is that it is often quite far away from where you live, meaning that you cannot check up on it as regularly as you would like.


Open-Air Sites


If neither of the above options is suitable for your caravan, you may want to consider taking it to an open-air storage site. These are basically open fields where people can park their vans when they’re not in use. You will have to pay annual fees for the luxury of getting to park your caravan here and pick it up whenever you want it, but it is also much more secure than either of the other options. Remember, however, that your van will be exposed to the elements.


Indoor Sites


The most expensive yet the most secure caravan storage option for storing your caravan is in an indoor site. Quite often, these places are equipped with CCTV cameras (to ensure ultimate protection), pin number entry and are monitored by security guards. Keeping your caravan in a place like this can help to reduce your insurance premiums.


Storing a caravan is a problem faced by many holidaymakers, but it is a problem that has a number of different solutions, so you are sure to find one to suit your budget. If you cannot afford to keep your van in the high-tech indoor storage site, opt for the cheaper caravan park option or even to store it at home somehow. You could even ask a friend who has a lot of spare room if you could keep your van there.