What Are Your Fire Curtain Responsibilities?

Fire curtains are widely used in our day-to-day lives. Most of us come in contact with this valuable equipment either in public buildings, at work or home. It plays a significant role in preventing the spread of smoke and fire whenever installed and adequately maintained by skilled passive fire protection companies.

But, this valuable equipment is often overlooked in terms of maintenance. One should never neglect its maintenance aspect. Otherwise, it will fail to do the work of protecting the buildings from fire incidents.

Why Are Fire Curtains So Important?

Fire curtains play an integral role in keeping smoke or fire in the compartment or room in which it started. By installing a fire curtain in your building, you would be able to stop the fire from spreading to other building areas. This particular equipment serves a fundamental purpose; it is a crucial part of the passive fire protection system.

It works as a physical barrier between smoke and fire in the vicinity. Well-maintained curtains can impede the movement of smoke and fire, thereby lessening the damage to the property. In this way, it gives time to evacuate the premises.

It is the responsibility of everyone to make sure that the fire curtains are appropriately used. Regular inspection is necessary to ensure that these curtains perform as expected in a fire incident. Also, it is essential to note any damage and take prompt action.

How Do The Fire Curtains Operate?

Fire curtains are an affordable firestopping solution that one can utilise for shutting off an area within a property during a fire incident. The best part about these is that you can easily fit them in any space. Also, these curtains are built with materials having fire withstanding properties. You can group these curtains to provide a short-term fire barrier in obscure or unique places in a building.

When used as part of a passive fire protection system, high-performing fire curtains significantly slow the fire spread. It works by compartmentalising the fire in a particular area for a short time. You can use this fire protection equipment in conjunction with other firestopping systems like fire penetration seals and cavity barriers for more effective results.

Who Is Responsible For Fire Curtains?

If you are an owner, employer, landlord or occupier of non-domestic premises or businesses, you could be legally responsible for the fire safety management. The role of the accountable person covers fire safety of the business premises, the staff members and those who are visiting the site.

It is also the responsible person’s responsibility to arrange the maintenance of the fire curtains. So, their main focus should be to arrange for their regular inspection. In this aspect, it would be a great option to opt for the assistance of a professional and reliable passive fire protection London service provider.

Maintaining Fire Curtains Safety

Fire curtains are designed to work as a barrier between the building compartments. These fire curtains tend to protect by preventing the spread of fire and smoke. It allows time for evacuation to the nearest exit point. Also, this particular equipment is built to stringent safety standards.

Fire curtains are generally regarded as passive protection, which means that they can operate automatically. So, it means that it does not require any activation. In the event of a fire, the curtain is released by a trigger from a fire alarm or detector, allowing it to fall vertically with the help of gravity. As a result, it obscures the doorway, space or lifts shaft above it.

Once deployed, a fire curtain plays a significant role in preventing the spread of flames either vertically or laterally. So, it mainly works as a physical barrier between the fire and the escape routes to be utilised by occupants in the building evacuation.

It is recommended to carry out safety inspections of fire curtains weekly. By doing so, you would make sure that no damage has occurred to the curtain. So, it is a mandatory step to check the fire curtain by a responsible person. Skilled passive fire protection companies can effectively help you in this aspect.

Whenever you properly install this equipment, you must focus on preparing it for comprehensive inspections that are to be conducted every six months as a minimum. This thorough examination helps determine the condition of curtains, the adjacent area and its performance.

Final Thoughts

After reading this guide, I hope you understand how fire curtains work and your responsibilities to ensure they are working correctly. If you are looking forward to maintaining fire curtains, all you need is to opt for the assistance of a professional passive fire protection London company. So, what are you waiting for? Approach a reliable fire protection firm today to get the best services at a competitive price.