What are water wave wigs? How to maintain it?

Wigs have different kinds of hair textures that help to adopt the new style quickly. Right? Now water wave wigs and deep wave wig are standard in markets. It helps to protect the natural hair from extensive styling techniques. So you don’t need to go harsh with your hair and adopt the new style according to your choice.

The water wave wigs are standard and also attract consumers. But one of the biggest questions about the water wave wigs is how to maintain them like the other straight hair wig types.

So if you are new to wavy wigs and want to maintain them for a longer time, this guide is for you. Here we will share some facts and tips about the water wave wigs that help you keep it like new for a little longer.

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Define water wave wigs

Tips for maintaining water wave wigs

  • Wash the wigs
  • Let it dry properly
  • Comb the wigs properly
  • Avoid heat styling
  • Store the wig properly

Why choose water wave wigs

  • Natural look
  • Easy to style
  • Durable

Define water wave wig

As the name shows, water wave hair wigs have a water wave texture that looks natural. It is one of the new hairstyle trends that every woman wants to adopt for rock functions. The surface or style of the wig looks like a watery wave. That’s why it is famous as the water wave wig.

Remember that selecting the correct type of wig is essential for a brand new hairstyle and changing the entire look. Moreover, you can choose unique styles like loose curly human hair wigs, deep curly wigs, bob wigs, deep wave hair wig, or water wave wigs, according to your choice.

Tips for maintaining the water wave hair wigs

The water wave hair wigs are durable and last longer than usual. But still, it is essential to take care of its maintenance. The wigs are expensive, and everyone wants to get long-lasting results. So ensure that you know about the maintenance tips and protect your water wave wigs for longer times.

Here are some essential tips for maintaining the water wave hair wigs and enjoying their durability.

Wash the wig hairs

It is one of the essential steps for maintaining the wig’s appearance. For example, when we don’t wash our hair regularly, it quickly gets tangled and becomes dirty or sweaty. So the wave water wig or curly human hair wigs are similar to our natural hairs. Ensure you wash the wigs with lukewarm water from their ends to the top. Use your fingers to wash the wig hairs but don’t rub them.

Let the wig dry appropriately after washing

When you wash the wig, ensure to hand it in for drying. Never comb the wig when it is wet. Ensure you hand the wig in a well-ventilated space and let it dry properly. You can also get the wig stand to hang the wig for drying. Avoid using the heat dryer to dry the wet wig hairs.

Comb the wig with a wide toothbrush or comb

Always use the wide tooth comb to detangle the wig’s hairs. You can also use your fingers to comb the water wave hair wigs from top to end. The best practice to comb the wig is to start from end to top. If you start combing from roots, then it may cause breakage. However, selecting the wide tooth comb or paddle brush is essential for the smooth combing of water-wavy wigs.

Avoid heat styling

The best practice to increase the durability of water wave wigs is to avoid using heat-styling tools like straighteners or curlers. The heat treatments will damage the hairs just like your natural hairs, and it reduces the longevity of your wig.

Store the water wave wig properly

Once you use the wig and remove it, then don’t throw it carelessly at your dressing. Ensure you place the wig in your special storing box with no tangles. It will help you use the water wave wigs quickly next time.

Why you need to choose water wave wigs

How many beginner users of wigs are confused as to why it is essential to select the water wave wigs among all other types. First, the personal choice is important because you like the texture of wigs and choose water wave wigs according to it.

Here are some facts you need to know about why you select the water wave wigs.

Natural look

The curly human hair wigs have two types of hair, including synthetic and natural hair wigs. We cannot deny that wigs containing human hairs provide a more natural look than synthetic wigs. Moreover, synthetic wigs are cheap and sometimes unable to give the desired appearance.

However, water wave wigs always contain human hair wigs and become the best choice to select for adopting natural looks. The human hair wet wavy wigs will blend perfectly with your natural hairs. No one can realise the wigs in your hair by choosing the water wave wigs.

Easy to style

The water wave wigs are one of the top-selling products with full lace caps. It gives you an easy styling choice, just like your natural hair. You don’t need to go for the professionals to style the water-wavy wigs. The hairs in the wig are silky and light so that you can style it with quick applications. There is no fear of tangling or shedding in water-wavy wigs.

Moreover, you can adapt it for several versatile looks like dye it in different colours. It is easy to style and holds the style for all-day long events. So it would help if you had less time to style the wavy wigs and enjoy the new look every time.


The wavy wigs have thick and soft hairs. It provides an entire appearance starting from roots to hair ends. So it proves that you can get a more natural and realistic look. However, the water wave wigs are longer lasting than all other wig types besides the looks. It has extreme longevity that you can maintain with a little extra care. So it is always better to select the more durable hair wigs than the others and save your investment.