What Are Virtual Office Services?

You are a startup or small business but need more funds to rent office space or use a coworking office. Then a virtual office in Calgary is the way to go. Still, what services will you get with virtual office space? Let’s find out what these packages include.

Receive a Virtual Address 

With a virtual office, you receive a virtual address for potential customers to see you as a reputable business. In addition, you can register your business on Google Maps and other map providers with a proper address. 

The fact is that a home address results in privacy concerns, and having the virtual address helps when you need to meet up with clients. Furthermore, it is excellent to have if you are expanding into another state or country but are not ready to rent a full-time space. 

Lastly, it enables you to work from multiple locations. Another added benefit is that it provides an address where you can have documents and other essential products delivered, meeting rooms, coworking desks, and more.  

Virtual Office Services Include Mail Scanning and Mail Forwarding 

You can receive mail at the virtual address, and your service provider will scan your mail and forward it to you. Hence, the person opens your email to scan and send it to your email. Your mail is then kept in a private mail letter box to pick up whenever you can. Another fantastic thing is that it is a great alternative compared to renting a P.O. Box. You can have couriers deliver essential documents as the provider receives the package to collect. 

You Get a Business Phone Number

Another benefit is getting a landline with a phone number, depending on your chosen package. A receptionist can take your calls if you prefer instead of a machine. Your receptionist will take your messages and do call forwarding to voicemails.  

You Can Get Access to a Physical Space

When you rent a virtual office space with a Calgary Business Centre, compared to other providers, you can get access to a physical space when added to your package. You can work in a coworking space with desks, parking, and meeting rooms. 

Are You Ready To Start With Virtual Office Space?

The above virtual office services you can find are part of the package. Still, you can find different virtual office service add-ons to add to your business needs. We recommend you look at what is offered and what you can afford. One thing is for sure you will not be locked into a lease with added overhead costs. 

So, before you commit to a virtual office service and intend to use physical space, look to see what the provider offers. Also, check out the area in person and check if it is a productive environment. Then, again, ensure you will be happy to bring potential clients to that space. 

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