What are the Types of Microblading?

Most of the female population of the planet heard about microblading, and many women visited beauty salons and took advantage of the innovative procedure. Read in the article what microblading is, what types it is and what are the advantages of an advanced cosmetic method.

Microblading is a type of correction of eyebrow arches, which consists in micropigmentation eyebrows by applying microscopic cuts on the skin with a depth of not more than 0.05 mm and filling them with pigment. After microblading, the eyebrows acquire a beautiful shape and a natural look for a long time.

There are microblading eyebrows of the following types:

  • hair technology;
  • shadow technique;
  • powder spraying;
  • method 6D.

The hair method consists in shaping the contour of the eyebrows by applying fine strokes. Depending on the pigmentation and natural hair parameters, the master selects the thickness of the stroke and the color of the pigment. The procedure is performed in Eastern or European versions.

When applying the tattoo in an oriental way, natural hair growth is imitated, strokes are placed in different directions. In the European version, strokes that mimic the hairs are drawn in one direction, which ultimately gives the effect of laid, combed eyebrows.

The hair technique is recommended for women who have thin and thin eyebrows. As a result of the procedure, a beautifully defined shape is obtained, good filling of the eyebrows, and the most natural look is acquired. 30–35 days after the initial application of microblading by the hair method, pigmentation correction should be performed. This is necessary to give the brow arches a uniform color. Microblading, made in hair technology, lasts about six months.

The shadow tattooing technique is used to form pronounced eyebrows microblading services near me. This type of microblading is performed by the method of applying pigment points in the right places. The procedure performed by this method allows you to make the eyebrows uniform and saturated over the entire length of the arc. Shadow technology is characterized by rapid healing of microtraumas and a long-term result. When performing the correction, the cosmetic effect lasts up to 2 years.

To create the effect of slightly tinted with cosmetic shadows or eyebrow pencil, a powder technique is used. The procedure is performed by blending the pigment. Brow arches become voluminous, while maintaining a gentle appearance. This microblading technology is recommended for blondes and women with rare eyebrows.

To obtain the most natural eyebrow arc, microblading is performed using the 6D technique. The master manually draws each hair, taking into account the direction of growth and the thickness of the hair of the eyebrows. Eyebrows made using this technique practically do not visually differ from natural ones.

With microblading, you can:

  • adjust the shape and color of the eyebrows;
  • achieve symmetry of the left and right eyebrows;
  • increase the filling of the eyebrows, make them uniform throughout the length;
  • hide all kinds of natural flaws.

All kinds of eyebrows are suitable for microblading. When choosing a technique, their fullness throughout the arc, the thickness and color of the hair, and skin features are taken into account. The type of makeup that a woman uses in everyday life is also taken into account. For example, if gentle natural shades are used for makeup, bright prominent eyebrows made in the shadow technique will be inappropriate.

Depending on the expected effect and the type of eyebrows, the master can use two methods at the same time.

Microblading is not a complex cosmetic procedure and allows you to purchase natural beautiful eyebrows for a long time. Before starting a session, you should contact a cosmetologist to select the type of tattoo and the most suitable eyebrow contour. Experts recommend choosing soft, natural colors, dwell on natural forms that are as close as possible to natural ones.

The technology has proven itself in cosmetology. With proper execution of the procedure and the implementation of all recommendations for care after the session, beautiful natural eyebrows will become a decoration for a long time.