What are the three significant challenges faced for educating women all around the world?

Even though most countries have adopted several measures to provide education to both women and men, the real-life scenario is pretty different. Empowering women through education is not an easy task because governments, NGOs, private organizations, and even UNICEF face lots of problems worldwide. Yes, steps are being taken to solve these issues. But somehow or the other, they seem to grow with each day. 

This article will shed light on the significant challenges faced in educating women, especially young and teenage girls. Besides, we will also focus on how we can solve these problems and provide equal education to both men and women worldwide. 

Cost and finances 


One of the significant problems that the world is facing in educating girls is the lack of proper funds. In several developing countries, families don’t have enough money to send the girls to schools or colleges. That’s why the literacy rate of girls to boys is so low, especially in countries like Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Sudan, and so on. 


For girls and women belonging to such nations, several scholarship programs like Nancy Etz will provide the required funds for higher education in colleges and universities. As for younger girls, several countries have introduced laws for providing free education to children up to 18, especially for girls. 

Lack of basic infrastructure


In most countries, the government can’t set up schools and colleges, let alone universities. The main reason for such challenges is the lack of proper infrastructure like books, lab equipment, quality teachers, desks and benches, etc. Moreover, in some areas, women in college and universities have to travel so long that at some point, they had to give up because of the health issues they face with having the educational institutions far away from their homes. 


The lack of basic infrastructure is difficult to solve because unless and until there is enough funding, building a proper educational center is impossible. That’s why governments need to increase opportunities for employment which in turn will help in gathering funds for building special schools and colleges for women. 

Physical and mental health 


In many countries, girls’ health is usually ignored, especially menstruation, sanitation, hygiene, and other such issues. Moreover, as their physical health is not given priority, it affects their mental health and has become a massive obstruction for girls wanting to study further. 


For such problems, proper medical help must be given to both boys and girls. Elder women must educate the younger ones about menstruation and other such problems once they grow up. More awareness will help spread words about the importance of maintaining women’s health, which will solve one problem in educating girls. Moreover, the scholarships will help families save enough money for treating any health problem their daughters are suffering from without making an excuse. 


To solve the education problems in developing and under-developed countries, several organizations have taken initiatives to solve the financial issues because lack of funds is the root cause of all other challenges in educating girls and women worldwide. But yet, many countries are there where more work needs to be done in the upcoming years so that women in those areas can live their life happily without any struggle, violence, and abuse.