What are the three interpersonal roles of a manager?

Suppose you are invited by some of your friends on his marriage and request you to deal with the guests according to gender and age levels, your strategy to deal with the guests called managing and you will be called the manager. Same as that for imposing the different rules and strategies the manager should aware of the techniques of managing your field. For example, as a finance manager, you need a complete grip on the best finance assignments techniques. There are three major interpersonal roles of a manager which can make him a successful manager all the time.

Decision making:

Good managers always be a decision-maker because he needs to make sharp decisions in quick time all the time. During the managing roles and strategies between the employe, he has to take the right decision for the department.

Team combination:

An important role of a manager is to combine the whole team of employe because of you need co-working from every member of the industry for having successful and effective

True game-changer:

The perfect manager always is a true game-changer because he can take the initiative for delivering magical results in a quick time.