What Are The Subaru WRX Models?

What’s special about the Subaru WRX for sale? It is what Subaru has passionately put into their cars that other brands only wish to have. Subaru ensures their commitment to safety by making it more accessible to customers through the features of their chosen car. Overall, the WRX gives excellent visibility and driver’s assistance, making it 98% reliable, as reported by the market research conducted on the Subaru car.


Here are the different model variants of Subaru WRX which we can choose from:


Subaru’s WRX


It is a symmetrical all-wheel-drive that includes key features such as a 6-speed manual transmission. The engine’s specs that feature a 268-hp turbocharged SUBARU BOXER®. An active torque vectoring as part of this vehicle’s function. The WRX has a sleek multimedia function, which is the Subaru Starlink® with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ Integration.


Subaru’s WRX Premium


This Subaru model has an all-weather package that provides a heating feature for those seated at the front. With an available performance package that includes a Sport Lineartronic® transmission. This Premium variant also has a 7-inch Subaru Starlink® Multimedia w/ Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ Integration. The Premium’s set of wheels has an 18-inch alloy material.

Subaru’s WRX Limited


The Subaru’s limited edition can be started and revved with its push-button start, which is its keyless access feature. This limited edition has the Subaru Starlink® Safety and Security designed to help you in your time of need. The Starlink system keeps you and your Subaru WRX safe, whether you stay in your vehicle, or away from it. WRX’s safety component is a sought-after feature of the Subaru experience as this provides convenient access to emergency services. These features include an Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, and more. What’s a plus on the Subaru’s WRX Limited is the LED headlights that respond to our steering. The advanced safety technology that comes with the car is the EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology. Subaru’s limited edition doesn’t go without the GPS navigation system.

Subaru’s WRX STI


The STI stands out as a Symmetrical all-wheel-drive with a driver-controlled center differential. Unlike its WRX counterpart, the STI is powered by the 310-hp turbocharged SUBARU BOXER® engine. The WRX STI has a Brembo® high-performance braking system that effectively sets the brakes to function with the driver’s ease. The STI is also revved with a keyless push-button start.

Subaru’s Limited WRX STI 


Another Subaru model variant, the limited edition of the WRX STI has a leather-trimmed upholstery. It also has a 7-inch SUBARU STARLINK® Navigation w/ Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ Integration. This model has a blind spot detection technology.

When To Replace The Coolant In Subaru WRX?


It’s imperative to look for signs of rust and leakage in any car’s coolant and if the cooling function still works, as well as overheating protection. The coolant needs to be checked from time to time. Looking into any issues here is especially important when the car has more than 50,000 miles. Coolants deteriorate over time, even if they can withstand a lifetime. It is good to test it to see if it still works. When we fail to check the status of the coolant, it can become more acidic with time and may forego its rust-inhibiting properties.

Shall I Choose To Buy A Subaru WRX Or A Honda Civic Si?


Let’s compare the Subaru WRX to the Honda:


The Subaru WRX is the perfect sports sedan that hits the sweet spot between an everyday drive and a performance car. It beats out its rival, the Honda Civic Si Sedan, in practicality, safety, and performance. The Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is superb in being on top of safety and performance standards, so it sets a clear difference from the economical Honda Civic Si. It bears a more powerful engine than we find in the Civic. Faster in speed, better grip, and stopping distance mechanism.

Subaru WRX has the advantage of being chosen with these enhanced features on the model. Learn about the model from our website to see what’s in store for you!