What Are the Several Features of ZigBee Home Automation Tool? 

The Zigbee protocol is designed to communicate data through the noisy environments like commercial or industrial applications. There are several upgraded versions available. Version 3.0 manufactured on the existing Zigbee standard but unified the market-specific application profiles to permit all devices to be wirelessly connected in the same network, irrespective of their market designed and function.

Before understanding the benefits of Zigbee remote switch, let’s know about the features of Zigbee protocol:

  • It supports multiple network topologies like point to point
  • Low duty cycle – offers long battery life
  • Low latency
  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  • Around 65,000 nodes per network
  • 128-bit AES encryption for secure data connections
  • Collision avoidance retired and acknowledgments


Above mentioned specification makes Zigbee remote switch an ideal choice for the smart home automation. The main purpose to install home automation device is to reduce the human effort and increase the work efficiency.

Zigbee remote switch efficiently work to meet the home automation expectations. Here are the main benefits:

Lighting control: 

Undeniably, lighting control plays a key role in implementing a wireless home automation system’s overall design right from build to furnish stage. Zigbee remote switch work efficiently to provide this wireless automation facility, Zigbee network lends itself as more efficient as it depends on low power needs. The light controls are achieved easily with faster access facility.

Single touch or quick to respond: 

There are several domestic appliances operated or controlled using Zigbee remote switch. The data to operate the appliances can be sent via radio to the receiver and based on that, relays will be controlled to operate the devices.

A single application to manage everything: 

Several domestic appliances can be controlled and operated using ZigBee according to control parameters and requirements. The information to operate the appliances can be sent via radio to the receiver and depend on that, Zigbee relay switch will be controlled to function the device.

Impressive security features:

Zigbee followed the layered security model. Zigbee in home automation leverages the security model of the IEEE 80215.4 MAC sub-layer that specifies the security services like access control for devices to maintain a list of reliable devices within a network and data encryption.

Multisource products: 

The standard specification for up to 254 nodes includes one master device – Zigbee from a single remote control. Zigbee works perfectly fine as a home automation device. With ZigBee, most tasks can be achieved from anywhere in the home at the touch of a button.

Since the introduction of the wireless home automation device Zigbee, it has been used as a multi-feature device. It enables broad-based deployment of the wireless networks with low-cost, low-power solutions. It offers the ability to run for years on inexpensive batteries for a hose of monitoring and control applications. There several spaces like smart energy, AMR, lighting controls, building automation systems, tank monitoring, HVAC control, medical devices, including others where Zigbee technology is making essential advancements, and taking AI to absolutely on a different level.