What Are The Reasons To Opt For A Metal Roof Installation In Florida

Due to a wide range of benefits, metal roof replacements are rapidly becoming the norm with Floridian homeowners. Just the past ten years alone, the metal roofing industry has more than tripled! Metal roofs offer longer lifespans, exceptional resistance to wind, low maintenance, and are fire-resistant. 

While there are many reasons more people choose metal roof installations, one is that homeowners in Florida live in their homes much longer. As more homeowners decide to stay in their homes for longer, the upside of a low-maintenance roof offering such longevity becomes understandably alluring. 

The greater initial expense of a metal roof replacement is the only real drawback and the inability to perfectly color match if needed to make repairs. However, metal roofs being as durable as they are, seldomly need repairs, so the color matching obstacle is never a dilemma most people deal with. 

Increased Longevity 

Relating to the previous point that homeowners are not moving as much in Florida, putting money into a roof that can last close to a century is wise.  The roof’s expected lifespan is anywhere between 40-80 years with metal roofing, depending primarily on how well maintained the roof stays. 

Highest Wind Resistance Rating  

A metal roof installation is meant to endure intense weather conditions; metal roofing has the highest wind resistance rating of all roofing systems. With the threat every summer of deadly hurricanes, a metal roof installation can offer additional comfort in the security of your family. Plus, they don’t crack and peel, nor are they water absorbent. And last but not least, they are also resistant to mildew, rot, and rust. 

Curb Appeal

A metal roof doesn’t sound appealing in many people’s minds, probably because they have the older metal roofs in mind. Metal roofing in 2020 offers homes a slick, smooth appearance with numerous designs. 

Boost Home Value 

In addition to making your home look far better, you’ll also be increasing the home’s resell value.  Nobody likes having to replace the roof right after settling into a new home; when moving into a house with an existing metal roof, the need to get it replaced will likely never happen! 

Enhanced Energy Efficiency 

A metal roof installation has two advantageous weapons against the intense Florida sun. A metal roof’s first line of defense is its ability to reflect sunlight; so much heat is easily diverted from the property via reflection. Its second defensive advantage is that a metal roof is emissive because it quickly releases the heat it does allow to the home. There could be significant monthly savings on the power bill when choosing a metal roof over an asphalt shingle roof since asphalt absorbs such large amounts of heat. 

Environmentally Friendly 

You’ll be pleased to find out that a metal roof is 100% recyclable for those conscious of our environment. As opposed to an asphalt roof, of which all of it goes directly into a landfill. 

Fire Resistant 

You’ll sleep more calmly at night knowing that your metal roof is resistant to fire. Metal roofs can endure lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch on fire. 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Many homeowners, after installing a metal roof, will qualify to have reduced homeowners insurance. Due to the insurance company knowing, they likely need to replace your metal roof is almost zero. 

As a plus to all the advantages discussed above, the maintenance on metal roofing is quite low. However, figuring out which roofing material to use for a roof replacement is a big decision and one that should come after being fully informed. The goal of this writing was to highlight the benefits of installing a metal roof in Florida.